Today the courts in Munich withdrew the arrest warrant issued against the Turkish activist Deniz Pektaş who stands accused in the so-called TKP/ML trials for supposedly being a high ranking member of that organization and, hence, of  having violated "anti-terror" paragraph 129a/b. On the condition to still having to attend court session, he was released after he spend more then four years in prisons of the German state, partially in solitary confinement, without ever being sentenced for a crime.

With his release, the number of accused activists being released climbs to nine out of ten – at least until the general attorney and the police decide to yet again arbitrarily arrest some of those people which they have already set free (as was done only two months ago, when three of the previously released were re-arrested under ridiculous accusations in the same trial).

The final of those who stand accused to remain locked away is Müslüm Elma. Hopefully he soon joins the ranks of Dr. Banu Büyükavcı, Dr. Sinan Aydın, Sami Solmaz, Seyit Ali Uğur, Deniz Pektaş, Musa Demir, Mehmet Yeşilçalı, Haydar Bern and Erhan Aktürk to be reunited with his friends and family outside, while this farce of a court process in Munich drags on.

Via the official blog for the trial, the Deniz sends his greetings for those who have politically supported the imprisoned activists and emphasizes how important the solidarity from those many people was. From Avrupa Haber we mirror following image showing the released alongside Sami, Banu and Sinan (from the left to the right):