On Friday, August 30th, revolutionary and anti-imperialist forces, from various oppressed nations as well as the FRG, held a rally under the slogan "Against the imperialist Aggression - Yankee go home" at a central location in downtown Bremen. Just a day earlier, the US Department of Defense confirmed that a military mission had been launched under the guise of a mission to protect ships crossing the Strait of Hormuz.

This clearly showed the need for this rally, which had already been registered and planned several days earlier. Again and again came onlookers, also from oppressed nations exploited by the Yankees and took part in the rally or at least saluted the efforts of the comrades and expressed their solidarity. The masses' interest in the rally was very high and many people stopped for several minutes to watch the rally or listen to the speeches that were being delivered. Banners, flags and signs were worn mainly against Yankee imperialism and slogans such as "Up the international solidarity", "The true face of their democracy? Mass murderers is what they are!" or "USA, FRG, international agencies of genocide" called, as well as other slogans in Turkish. The rally had a strong internationalist and anti-imperialist expression.

The rally showed that the masses, especially the masses of oppressed nations living here in Germany and who often felt the yoke of Yankee imperialism in their own bodies, have a deep rejection of the Yankees and their machinations. The masses know who the enemy is and want the justified fight against it. What is missing so far is a movement that
gathers the different anti-imperialist forces in Bremen.