Revolutionaries, among others the "Initiative Freedom for political prisioners - Bremen", organised a rally on 21 March 2020. This should take place regarding the "Day of political prisioners", that is marked every year on 18 March in the FRG. The rally was set for 1pm with an aproximate number of 10 - 15 participants at the Domsheide in Bremen. It was officially declared and permitted for two weeks. But the rally was cancelled last-minute - two days before it should take place - by the head of the public order office in Bremen, Mrs. Konke, with the simple explanation "Coronavirus" via phonecall. Bogus.

Despite the ban a dozen revolutionaries gathered at the planned time at the Domsheide. They were awaited. A dozen police vans, a transporter for arrested and two surveillance trucks. More than one vehicle for each demonstrator. The whole place was occupied by the police, that demanded to cancel the assembly. Brute. It wasn't by coincidence, they knew very well about the rally and its issues. Police executed what they were told and none juridical explanation was given. This harsh manners resulted from the fact that it was the first time the state of emergency was defied by revolutionaries.

It is obvious that they fear the masses. The rulers are desperate angst-ridden. Hence, they deny the basic constitutional rights, in this case the right of assembly. This two aspects show the responsibility of the revolutionaries. Not to bow but to develop political activities and denounce the imperialist state not respecting its own laws.

Finally, one more thing: 1st of May, our day, cannot be banned.