In Worms hundreds of antifascists blocked a march of NPD [National Democratic Party of Germany] which wanted to rally under the slogan „refuge fraud makes us poor“. After only 300m there was no way through for them and they were forced to turn for their way home.

According to press reports 40 partially masked fascists attacked a rally of the DGB in Weimar. They wounded 4 participants, stormed the stage and read a speech. In the end the attack could only be fought off through the intervention of the cops. We condemn the attack of the fascists, but also see the lacking ability of the trade unions to resist those assaults as problematic. Nonetheless: Our solidarity is with the injured, one of whom had to be threatened in a hospital. Also in Saalfeld it came to attacks by fascists. There, 700 gathered and beat down alleged dissidents and counter activists until they had to be threatened in hospitals. Similar incidents also happened alongside the arrival routes of the different fascist groups from all over the country.

Different the situation in Neubrandenburg. There 300 fascists had to be guarded by the police against counter activists. Against the attempts of the activists to get onto the route of the march or their meeting place cops used bats and pepper spray. Despite all attempts the route of the fascist march could not been kept clear, hence they left without walking a meter.