In bright sunshine approximately 250 combative comrades attended the revolutionary 1st of May rally in Magdeburg. Full of determination, fulfilled by the spirit of proletarian internationalism and deeply rooted in our class, the rally connected multiple political topics under the banner of the fight for social revolution. Be it topics like antiimperialism, antifascism and antimilitarism, the struggle against exploitation and oppression or the freedom of Palestine, the incarnation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah or the struggle for political (open-) spaces – they all found their expression at the demonstration. By means of pyrotechnics the combative and resolute expression could be further enforced.

The demonstration was organized by the Magdeburg section of Zusammen Kämpfen. In their call of participation is said: „The everyday live is fucked up: the pressure of grades in the school or apprenticeship, competition for miserable jobs, performance requirements for the job centres. Do this, do that – pay this, pay that. No matter where we look, it’s all about the money. Our daily needs fall by the wayside. Hierarchies, separation, isolation, chauvinism, misery, coursing against refugees – all that is normal in the capitalist society. Normal is as well, that your train ticket is getting more and more expensive every year or that the price to live a life increases.

The other side of the barricade on the other hand still expresses pure joy and announces big profits. Germany is still remarked as an export model. Secured through “optimized“ growth and exploitation conditions and the institutionalized co-operation between the representatives of the trade unions and the exploiters, corporations gain profits as high as never before. German weapons have met great demand by the world wide war strategists or carry the “European thought“ with bombs and Phosphor in the living rooms of our colleagues, brothers and sisters in the whole world.“