Under the slogan “Class struggle is: inappeasable – radical – anticapitalist: Forth for the revolutionary 1st of May!“ comrades from Nuremberg, especially from Organisierte Autonomie, the participation in this years revolutionary May demonstration. Despite heavy rain 2.000 people were drawn to the streets this year as well to voice their hatred against the system. Organisierte Autonomie states in their report: “The continued high participation for the revolutionary 1st of May demonstration, despite all meteorological and repressive circumstances, shows the discontent of many people with the ruling system and its immanent injustices. “2015 we observe a huge worsening of living conditions, further militarization and imperialist longings for hegemony, shielding of the EU external frontiers and continuously fueled racism and nationalism. And in this year we also know, our only answer can be: staying inappeasable, being radical and fighting anticapitalist!“. Apart from representatives of the OA, comrades from ATIK spoke out to unmask the role of the German state as an imperialist aggressor and a collaborator with the Turkish repression machinery in regards to the incarnation of members of the legal democratic organisation in the FRG. The demonstration itself passed the celebration of the DGB, which wasn’t willing to organize a demonstration this year but committed the fighting day of the proletariat with sausages and music. According to information of the Nürnberger Zeitung the demonstration was peaceful even though firework was torched. The cops remained mostly passive.

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