As many of our Comrades know the revolutionary forces in Ireland are quite active in publishing news and interesting stuff in the internet and of course we encourage our readers to follow them:

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Ireland on Facebook
Antiimperialist Action Ireland

Since most of our readers - particularly on our english speaking site - are able to read english we do not publish everything the Comrades put online but of course there are some actions of the Comrades we try to highlight.

Yesterday the Comrades organised an online concert on which we call the attention of our readers. For most of our Comrades in the FRG none of the songs are new since they are mandatory part of every "celebatory evening" among the Comrades. And it is wonderfull to hear these rebel songs played live by our Comrades in struggle. So we are sure you will all enjoy.

Since there were some technical problems in the transmission of the concert we suppose this is the reason one song is not included (of course without knowing). We include this song below.

The video:



We are very aware that this post may generate strong demands for music in the Comrades in the FRG but this is quite consiously so.