We hereby report on some recent developments in the political situation and class struggle in the various Nordic Countries.



The anti-fascist struggles in Norway in the recent months have been among the biggest in the country in many, many decades. The masses have been mobilized in their hundreds in several different cities, which shows the powerful impulse of the revolutionary movement in the country. The struggles continue to develop, as we will document here.

A very impressive video of the struggles in Furuset on 15.08 was sent to and published by comrades from Serve the People Media ( Furuset is a proletarian neighborhood on the East End of Oslo, where large anti-fascist class combat took place in August.

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But the struggles in Furuset are not all. On 29.08, "new and even larger riots" broke out in central Oslo against a manifestation by the fascists from SIAN ("Stop the Islamization of Norway"). The fascists were attacked by the masses with revolutionary violence and more than 30 combatants were arrested. Serve the People Media reports: "The police had put up barricades and used a lot of tear gas, but after Anna Bråten from SIAN tore up a Koran and spat on it, the confrontation escalated. Several broke through the barricades and a person came to the very front and kicked her in the leg. In the following riots, garbage cans were overturned, electrical poles thrown into the street, signs destroyed and objects launched at police. Journalists who took pictures were threatened by struggling masses". Many video clips and images can be seen here.

Comrades from the Struggle Committee ( have also reported on struggles in Bergen, where anti-fascist youth chased away the police and fascists with justified class hatred.

The various opportunists and revisionists in Norway, chief among them the social-democratic "Red Party" (former Teng Hsiao-ping revisionists) who are in the Norwegian Parliament, have lately condemned the rebellious masses and in many aspects clearly shown their class character. For instance, through spreading reactionary conspiracy theories about Filipino migrant workers spreading covid-19, or by volunteering as demonstration guards for the fascists.

In response to the opportunist, anti-masses attacks, the comrades from Serve the People Media have published polemics defending the right to rebel against reaction. One article deals with the fake, pacifist academic response to the recent struggles. In another scathing criticism, a comrade writes: "[...] the demand to turn one's back and cheek to the fascists is to demand that people take a bullet for the struggle. But of course, those who will take the bullet are not the same as those who make such demands. These usually stay at a safe distance. They demand that others accept harassment and ridicule, they demand that one should meet fascism with fascism, they demand that one acts as a martyr like Jesus. [...] For those of us who live here and now, and who can only live on after death through actions that change the world, such self-punishment has no value. The one who lets themself be hit, will be hit more. The one who stays silent consents. The one who turns the back also turns the eyes away. No - up with the eyes, turn against fascists and police, close the fists and struggle!".

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In other Norwegian news, an action was carried out in Bergen in solidarity with the Irish revolutionary Liam Campbell. For more information on Campbell, the Irish comrades from Anti-Imperialist Action published an informative video.



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Comrades from Finland carried out an action against the recent congress of the Finnish Social-Democratic Party, which began on 22.08 in Tampere. The activists stood with a banner calling for the workers to reject Social-Democracy and embrace the socialist revolution.

In a report, the comrades from Red Flag ( stated: "The SDP has served as the prime minister's party for more than a year, during which the current world economic crisis has progressed, in which the majority of bourgeois economic ideologues now declare that the worst is already over in Finland. During the same period, a corona epidemic also entered the country, which the government treated in accordance with the will of the bourgeoisie, seeking to maximize profits at the expense of public health and revoking political rights through a creative interpretation of the Constitution. This point has come with the capitulation and liberalization of the extra-parliamentary movement, which has previously been critical of the government and even anti-State. At present, the content of the extra-parliamentary form of that direction is submission to the bourgeois State. This, too, shows how necessary the party SDP is for the ruling class in the current situation".



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In the South Swedish city of Malmö, some of the largest spontaneous mass struggles in recent years broke out on 28.08. This was as a response to the provocative actions of Swedish and Danish fascists and Nazis, where Korans were burned in Central Malmö as well as in the proletarian neighborhood Rosengård, which has a very combative history. After the fascists were combatted, more than 300 masses consciously went to fight the police directly, with weapons such as stones, fireworks and car burnings. Barricades were constructed with burning tires and several policemen were injured.

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It was recently revealed that Yankee President Donald Trump sought to trade the Yankee colony Puerto Rico to Danish imperialism in return for Greenland, a Danish colony. The arrogance of the sole hegemonic superpower was expressed as follows: "At one point, before we left, he told us that he did not just wish to purchase Greenland. He actually said that he wished to see if we could sell Puerto Rico. Could we exchange Puerto Rico for Greenland? Because in his words, Puerto Rico was dirty and its people poor". The Greenlandic bureaucratic capitalists, represented in the Danish Parliament by IA member Aaja Chemnitz Larsen, of course reject this, because they seek to become a semi-colony and not just a Yankee colony, stating: "It emphasizes that we must be careful not to be swallowed by the US. [...] We need the US as a military ally and security partner, but this tells us that we are not viewed as a partner". An important article regarding this question and the situation of Puerto Rico and Greenland was published in the revolutionary Brazilian newspaper A Nova Democracia on 25.08.

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Despite these insults by Yankee imperialism to the people of Greenland, the colonial regime continues to suck up to this superpower, as directed by its Danish overlords. Recently, representatives of the colonial puppet regime participated in a delayed celebration of the US Independence Day.

In the capital of Greenland, Nuuk, it was reported that the masses experienced problems with "smelly" and "weirdly tasting" drinking water. Despite this, within a day, the colonial authorities were quick to "enlighten" the people that there was "no pollution dangerous to health" in the drinking water.



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A scandal recently erupted in Denmark, when it became clear that the bourgeois State's secret agency for spying abroad, the Defense Intelligence Service, had been spying on Danish citizens in collusion with the Yankee NSA. The exact details are being kept from the public, but it is clear that this concerns decades of digital surveillance and outright lying to the Intelligence Service Watch Agency about this surveillance. The bourgeois politicians are very clear about why there is a scandal - only the Police Intelligence Service is allowed to monitor Danish citizens, not the DIS, and this represents a contradiction within the ruling class. This contradiction is secondary to the unity of the imperialist class, expressed in the statement of the Prime Minister: "We have a very, very skilled intelligence service, both in the police and the national defense, and it must continue its work while [the investigation] takes place". Revolutionaries must always take State surveillance into account when conducting their work, as Danish comrades argue in their recent article on this scandal. For the masses, the proletariat and the revolutionaries, such imperialist espionage is never a surprise.