In Paris last Sunday, the 18th of October, several people took to the streets in the evening to demonstrate against the imposed curfew. The curfew began the day before and will probably last for four weeks. It is intended to force people to leave their homes only in exceptional cases between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., otherwise they will be fined 135 euros. The demonstration began during the curfew at around 9 pm and slogans such as "Everyone hates the curfew", "Freedom" or even "Work, consume and go home" were shouted.


On the 17th of October, the yellow vests in Lyon clashed with the police. It was the 101st action of the Yellow Vests and was characterised by a large participation of different forces from the anti-fascist, anti-racist and environmentalist spectrum. In the course of the protests, a "black bloc" of a good hundred people formed, which was massively attacked by the police with tear gas and then defended itself by firing fireworks. The police were on the spot with a large contingent, supported by a helicopter, which watched the events the whole time and thus probably also contributed to the fact that the demonstration could be caulked and the protesters could only come out of this police cauldron on presentation of their identity card.


For two years, the ZAD, an autonomous occupation of land in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, where an airport was to be built and a Center Parc, has been threatened with eviction. Now the occupation of the forest has finally been carried out by the police. For the eviction of only 28 remaining activists, the police put together a contingent of around 200 cops. Three of the activists were arrested, one of whom refused to give his fingerprints. Shortly afterwards, the remaining huts were destroyed, but this will take several days.


Furthermore, after the killing of a teacher for showing the Muhammad "cartoons" of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in class, which hurt the religious feelings of Muslims worldwide, a mosque in a Paris suburb was closed down, allegedly because it shared the video, which was directed against the teacher. The act committed by the student, who was shot by the police, is now called an Islamist terrorist act. In the course of this there were also several police actions against the so-called "Islamist spectrum". However, it is important to note that these are not directly related to the crime, just as the mosque, France but now, according to its Minister of the Interior Darmanin, is about "conveying a message: not a minute's delay for the enemies of the Republic". Why a whole mosque is now closed and people are not allowed to pray can only be explained by the fact that Muslims are under a general suspicion and considered "enemies of the Republic".