NR 210222 Finland

Punalippu (Red Flag) reports that a banner action was carried out in Tampere in support of the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) in Brazil, with the text "The People want land, not oppression! Long Live the LCP!" in Portuguese. To support the comrades fighting the bloody repression of the old Brazilian State.



Tjen Folket Media (Serve the People Media) has shared an article from Kampkomiteen (The Struggle Committee) on the persecution of anti-fascist demonstrators, being charged with fines and imprisonment. Kampkomiteen calls for not bowing down to the oppression and showing solidarity with those who face trails in the aftermath of the fights against SIAN.



Protest against a mine project in Kuannersuit, especially opposed by residents in nearby town of Narsaq. The mine in question would be for rare earth mineral mining, but would as a by-product also carry radioactive material into the environment. The reports of the mining company grossly underestimate wind conditions to try to pretend that the pollution, among it radioactive dust, will not spread far, the local residents denounced the lies at a local meeting about the project. In southern Greenland sheep herding is very important for the local economy, which the Greenlandic government has shown no interest in protecting, putting focus on deepening bureaucratic capitalism.

There were protests at the local meeting, only opponents of the project were visible. Reactionary media reports that it was difficult to find supporters of the project among the people to interview, the only one they were able to interview is a member of the main committee of the social-democratic party Siumut, which is in control of the colonial Greenlandic government.



The Swedish Tenant Association, which negotiates with housing companies on behalf of residents, it has been revealed has no bosses who themselves live in public housing. This Association gets a fee from every resident to do this negotiation, which amount to 570 million SEK in wages for the Swedish Tenant Association. Its purpose it is to be representing the people living there like a union, but now just like the social-democratic unions, the organisation employs bureaucrats, who have no connection to the people they are supposed to represent. Rent for apartments has gone up 46% since 2004, and the Tenant Association has done little to stop this, this makes it even more clear that it is necessary to build up a tenants movement that works in the interest of the residents, not bureaucrats giving their companions in the housing companies, whatever they want.