This year, NATO is once again practicing mobilization against Russia as part of its "Defender" maneuver. After focusing on the Baltic Sea region last year, the Black Sea region is now on the agenda. After decades of successful aggression against Russia, the invasion of Crimea was the first clear defeat for the Western imperialists. So the focus countries are Romania and Bulgaria located next to the Black Sea. In parallel, U.S. forces with their semi-colonial "allies" are also practicing deployment against China in the Pacific region.


Defender 2021

Due to the current geographic targeting, the FRG is less central as a deployment area for "Defender Europe 2021" than last year, but remains an important hub, especially for the Yankees. In addition to strategically important military bases, the U.S. military uses numerous weapons depots ("Army Prepositioned Stock)" in Germany and other Western European countries. The effective use of the infrastructure in the hinterland is also in the foreground at Defender 2021, as this maneuver primarily involves practicing the rapid deployment of troops by U.S. forces to Russia's borders. The troop transports of "allied nations" through Germany have to be paid for by the German government and cost 2.9 million.

The whole thing is camouflaged with the obvious lie that all this serves only harmless defense purposes. On the other hand, the German post-war population has traditionally been quite opposed to military aggression emanating from the FRG. This is also thanks to the KPD, which in the early 1950s strongly opposed the rearmament of the FRG. The justified rejection is to be dissolved with social media campaigns and defender phrases. Today, there is also support from the "Querdenker"-Movement (Protests against Corona policy usurped by reactionaries) who parade through the streets with Yankee flags. The revolutionary movement must defend and expand the anti-militarist stance among the masses.

Anti Wiederbewaffnung 50er

Youth protest against german rearmament

Querdenker Yankee Fahne

Protest under three reactionary flags (imperial Germany in the middle)