There has been an attack in Bavaria, the Kingdom of Horst Seehofer (Governor of Bavaria and head of the rabiate CSU). Bavaria is a state, in which the immigrant-baiting can be compared quite well to the one of some Saxon villages, like Clausnitz. A little bit more eloquent, a little bit less martial – racism per excellence – imperialist chauvinism through and through. Horst Seehofer is a sovereign of his country, who can be pride of the unyielding friendship with the fascist Viktor Orban.

On the 18th of July a young Afghan committed suicide, by means of initially attacking train passengers with an axe, then fleeing and being shot dead by police during the cause of it. This also happened in Bavaria. Because you see, the sun there isn't shining the same for everyone. A fact that can also be read out of the reports, that in the first half-year of 2014 approximately one out of three-hundred asylum seekers committed suicide.

This also is connected with how people are spoken about who are not from there. "We don't want any immigration into our social system" is part of the standard repertoire. The boss himself is setting an example and doing so since years: "It is rather obvious, that immigrants from other cultural environments like Turkey and the Arabic countries have difficulties in general. I for one surely draw the conclusion, that we don't need additional immigration from other cultural environments." Foreigners are treated like cattle, obviously ranking below dogs in the grace of those responsible: "Theoretically we should close the borders completely and first of all work through everything(!), that has come in in recent times." In Bavaria one is faced with a catastrophe, a flood, a people's mass migration, etc. and it is made clear: " The welcoming culture is over".

That this problem isn't limited to simply Bavaria, but affects all of the FRG, becomes evident, when one brings to mind how foreigners, all over the country, are treated. Oury Jalloh was burned alive in a police cell in Dessau, because he was black. Achidi John was killed on behalf of Olaf Scholz (the now Social-democratic Mayor of Hamburg) in Hamburg by means of vomitive induction, because he was black. Christy Schwundeck was shot dead in a Frankfurt job-center, because she was black.

All that is happening in a country in which for some even the national football team isn't German enough and self proclaimed leftists pronounce the absolution for the boozed up flag-waving chauvinism. In this country, a man - who on the day of anniversary of the Nazi attack in Norway went out to commit a blood bath in Munich – yells in sheer despair: "I am a German! I was raised here!" A Man who, the same as Brevik, kills mostly children. In this case children from Muslim families. Very deliberately. His faked Facebook profile had been a young Turkish woman, with which he attracted his victims.

And the reaction naturally tries to use that. The fascists of the AfD smelled their chance to get the upper hand: "Merkel-Unity-Party: Thanks for the terror in Germany and Europe!" In the front row also Hollande, who, before knowing anything specific (in the same manner as he did on the occasion of the events in Nice), proclaimed that this was a "terrorist attack*". Likewise, the Federal Chancellor put the events of Munich in a row with Nice and Würzburg.

Federal Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) had prepared a deployment of the Federal Armed Forces in the interior. A Military Police Unit of the Federal Armed Forces was at hand in Munich. Horst Seehofer however preempted that and wagered not on the German Army but rather on the Austrian special forces unit Cobra, whose equipment is equivalent to those of regular Soldiers, assault rifles, sniper rifles etc.

In the end, all this only for a single youth who had been bullied and in a social climate, which brands Muslims per se as terrorists and/or subhuman beings that have no business here, who though that killing 6 Muslim children might be an appropriate reaction to that.

Rampages are a common thing in Germany: Erfurt 2002, Coburg 2003, Emsdetten 2006, Winnenden 2009, Ansbach 2009.

All that shows the sheer despair, that is being raised by the contradiction between the human life with imperialism and is part of the revolutionary situation in uneven development. It shows the ramshakle character of a rotten system. It shows, that the people here can't live on, because it makes them sick.



* In order to facility a correct stance towards terror attacks, we, at this instance, cite from a document, that has been released in November last year.

"The events in the city of Paris last week are an expression of the epoch of “50 to 100 years”. It is as Hollande said – an act of war. It's an expression that the war the imperialists wage against he oppressed countries “comes back home”. As communists it must be clear for us, that in such a situation our solidarity doesn't belong to the imperialist nation but to the international proletariat and the peoples of the world. The imperialists and all those profiting from its bloodsucking have no right to demand that we show more solidarity to the civil victims in the imperialist countries then to the hundred-thousand-times more victims in the oppressed countries. We are and stay revolutionary defeatists and wish the defeat of the imperialist state in which we live."