Today is the 19th of June, the 31st anniversary of the Day of Heroism. On the 18th of June 1986 the prisoners of the Communist Party of Peru in the three prisons Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao rebelled against the genocide of the Peruvian reaction, which it attempted in order to crush the People's War. On the 19th of June 250 prisoners were murdered by the Peruvian reaction, for which they used a destroyer against the comrades of El Frontón.
These Prisoners of War formed the monumental trilogy of the Shining Tranches of Combat of Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao, a historic milestone, the Day of Heroism.

For this, we quote from the joint declaration of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations from the year 2016:


Chairman Gonzalo represents the fallen heroes and all political prisoners and prisoners of war in Peru

The rebellion of the prisoners of war against the genocide 30 years ago was inseparable from Chairman Gonzalo, he was its acknowledged leader. Since the 12th of September 1992 he is in the situation of a prisoner of war as a result of a plan of the Yankee CIA in collaboration with the litter of traitors – the rats that later appeared as the heads of the right-opportunist, revisionist and capitulationist line.

As the leader of the CPP and the Peruvian revolution, Chairman Gonzalo is acknowledged as their chief representative by all revolutionary prisoners of war and political prisoners in Peru; he incarnates and symbolizes their struggle like no one else. Therefore talking about the fallen heroes and political prisoners and prisoners of war today necessarily demands taking a clear and powerful stand for Chairman Gonzalo.

Chairman Gonzalo is in the situation of a prisoner of war for almost 24 years. During the whole time he was exposed to continuous and absolute isolation in the concentration camp that was especially built to annihilate him on the Callao marine-base of the navy of war of the old Peruvian state. Shortly after Chairman Gonzalo was relocated there, the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Fujimori who was then the president of the old state cynically told the international press that “no one survives long time living under the circumstances as he is incarcerated” (referring to Chairman Gonzalo). That the old Peruvian state did not consume the murder was principally because of the strength of the CPP and the People's War, that was supported by a deep and broad international campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo. Responding to this situation, moving his direct agents and traitors, Yankee-imperialism went on to implement as part of psychological warfare – inside their strategy of the so called “low intensity warfare” - their plan to foist capitulation on Chairman Gonzalo, to behead the revolution, annihilate the leadership and separate the guerilla from the masses.

The sinister work of revisionism trying to liquidate the campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo – spreading confusion and pessimism in Peru and abroad where the so called party RCP/USA played a definite role – had consequences. Although the left in the International Communist Movement never stopped to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo the campaign has not the dynamic it should have. It must be strengthened and developed together with the campaign for Maoism.

This year Chairman Gonzalo is going to be 82 years old; the old state and specially the revisionists headed by Miriam did everything possible to prepare his murder. The communists and revolutionaries of the world have to have present that the threat of the life of Chairman Gonzalo is real and concrete. We have to mobilize the deepest and broadest masses to defend his life. That has to be the principal aspect of the campaign on international level; statements of intellectuals etc. are important but the main issue is to mobilize the masses. The work with delegations can play an important role but that requires that in the country itself subjective conditions are at hand, that make that possible.

Once again we oppose the accusations against Chairman Gonzalo and make plain that the hoax is completely unmasked by facts.

The facts are: 1) Chairman Gonzalo is kept in absolute isolation since his arrest, 2) he had no chance to communicate directly with his party, 3) all accusations about his alleged capitulation are without any exception – the so-called “peace letters”, the “Call” abroad up to the tomes etc. – based on hearsay, are allegations and slanders. There is no one who asserts that he spoke to Chairman Gonzalo who aren't officials of the old state, traitors or renegades of the People's War, not a single person that defends the base of party unity of the CPP was able to visit or even meet Chairman Gonzalo in these 24 years. The tragic and sinister figures like Nancy, who asserts to be convinced by Chairman Gonzalo to renegade from Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, were unmasked as traitors, to be at the diktat of the heinously “Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional (intelligence service)” (headed by CIA agent Montesinos), literally reading out what they were told to say.

Considering these facts every accusation about Chairman Gonzalo giving up anything defined in the base of party unity of the CPP at any time is nothing more than an allegation. It is a substantial part of the psychological warfare to foment doubts, so that the enemy does not trust in his own forces; the reaction plants lies in thousands of forms and by a massive diversity of means to bring the revolutionaries to doubts, speculations, estimations, everything so that they don't have faith in triumph. Therefore it is indispensable to smash and sweep away any doubt whatever with a firm class stand, taking as a starting point the concrete reality and not the manoeuvres of imperialism and its agents.

The current situation and the complex bend in the road, concretisised in the dramatic inflection in the People's War in Peru and the actual dissolvement of the Central Committee of the CPP, the liquidation of the national leadership is not the fault of Chairman Gonzalo. As well as the revisionist coup in China is not the fault of Chairman Mao – in China the coup happened about one month after the death of the great helmsman, but in Peru it was only after seven years of incarceration of the leader that revisionism was able to blow up the Central Committee but up to this date they have not been able to vanish the CPP or defeat the People's War.

On the contrary, the communists in Peru with combatants of the People's Liberation Army and masses of the New Power, stay upright and keep fighting despite all difficulties, demonstrate the power of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought – show the forge by Gonzalo.


Committee for Construction of the Communist Party (maoist) Galicia
Committees for the Founding of the (Maoist) Communist Party, Austria
Communist Party of Brazil Red Fraction – CPB (RF)
Communist Party of Ecuador - Red Sun
Committee Red Flag (FRG)
Maoist Communist Party France
Maoist Communist Party Italy
Maoist Organization for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Colombia
Red Fraction of Communist Party of Chile
Peru People’s Movement (Committee for Reorganizing)

In regards to this, we also document a translation of a declaration by the french comrades regarding their demonstration for the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, that has also been translated into Spanish and Portuguese [and German].

Frankreich Abdallah Front


For the release of Georges Abdallah and all revolutionaries!

The date of this demonstration in demand for the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah was chosen to be close to the 19th of June, the International Day of revolutionary prisoners. This date was not chosen at random, it coincides with the 19th of June 1986 when 300 prisoners of the Communist Party of Peru were murdered cowardly by the reactionary Peruvian state. The Communist Party of Peru, that drove the Peruvian state on the verge of collapse, led a People's War that – with the strategical equilibrium – closed in on the seizure of power. Faced with it's enormous vitality, the Peruvian government engaged in truly genocidal politics in the prisons. Today, Chairman Gonzalo of the Communist Party of Peru is still imprisoned. It is our duty to defend his life.

Frankreich Abdallah Gonzalo

Every time the proletariat and the oppressed people resist and struggle, they are being forcefully subdued by the reactionary states. This is the case for countries in which the Communist Parties on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism wage People's Wars in order to realize the New Democratic Revolution against imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism. Thus, in India, where the most developed People's War takes place, there are more then 10.000 political prisoners, amongst them Professor Saibaba, a progressive intellectual with 90% disability, who has been imprisioned since 2013 by the Indian state. In the Philippines, there are more then 500 political prisoners that serve as hostages to the Duterte Government.

Everywhere people rise up, repression is not long in coming: Whether in Palestine, Turkey or Morocco. On this occasion, we salute the Palestinian political prisoners and their victorious hunger strike. We also want to salute the popular masses from Rif that rise up in Morocco and we want to honor the twelve martyrs of the TIKKO that fell last year. This repression against the oppressed even extends to the political refugees in the imperialist countries, like the prisoners from ATIK arrested in 2014.

As Communists, our primary duty is to fight against our own imperialism and thus to develop the revolution, the proletarian movement in our own country, to strike at French imperialism. We also have to face the interior reaction: the French imperialist state is applying repression to the popular quarters which constitute the stronghold of the proletariat. Hence, the police is killing: Zyed and Bouna more then ten years ago; But also more recently, in less then a year, Adama Traoré, Jean-Pierre Ferrara, Shaoyo Liu, Angelo Garand, Curtis and the list continues to grow. And it is during summer, when the violence of the police erupts in the quarters. At the same time, the French government is increasingly attacking workers' rights, such as the Labor Act last year, and the ordinances that Macron is preparing for the summer.

To support and defend the revolutionary political prisoners, is to support the struggles they wage, is to support the Proletarian World Revolution, to struggle against imperialism and its military interventions, to support the proletariat and the oppressed people everywhere.

Freedom for Georges Abdallah! Down with french imperialism!

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people! Down with Zionism!

Freedom for all revolutionary prisoners! Down with the imperialist world system!

Long live the Proletarian World Revolution!