On February 17 thousands took to the streets of Suriname's capital, Paramaribo, storming the parliament building of this 600,000 people strong former (formal) dutch colony, located North of Brazil. Protest erupted due to high living cost as prices for energy, goods and transportation exploded and the exchange rate of the currency plummeted.

We publish an English translation of the editorial of the latest issue of the newspaper A Nova Democracia from Brasil.

The Bolsonarada of January 8 continues to have serious ramifications. The draft of the State of Defense decree that would be signed by Bolsonaro while he was president, found in the home of former Justice Minister Anderson Torres – the same one who flagrantly facilitated the invasions of the headquarters of the Three Powers – explains two things: first, that all of Bolsonaro’s coup preaching before and during the elections, the road blockades, the armed actions of the far right after the result was announced, etc. corresponded to his plan that if he did not win the elections, he would sign such a decree before the inauguration of his opponent, which was not carried out because the Armed Forces High Command (ACFA) does not agree with an institutional rupture at this time. It is known that the former president had several meetings with the ACFA after the election, and came out of all of them angry. Second, that the camps at the gates of the barracks throughout the country were a measure of the ACFA’s orientation. Even the family of the retired general and former Army Commander Eduardo Villas-Boas was involved in the organisation of the encampment in front of the Army Headquarters in the federal capital, which was visited by the same general. For this reason there was an open defence by the generals that the encampments were a “democratic manifestation” and a “right to freedom of expression”.

We publish a short article with important announcements published on the website of the Mexican comrades of Sol Rojo.

Oaxaca, Mexico. Two important events took place this weekend: The first was the event "La coyuntura oaxaqueña, los retos del movimiento popular", a space of reflection and analysis of the Frente de Organizaciones Oaxaqueñas (FORO), which brings together 13 democratic and revolutionary organisations. Important agreements were reached at this event, which will be announced soon. The second was the Red Sun Popular Current Assembly, which is taking place at an important time in the national and state political context and is part of the national path towards the constitution of the Popular Front and the ongoing rectification campaign. The political statement will also be published shortly for wider dissemination.

Photos of actions to found the International Communist League (ICL) have now also been published from Brazil. We recommend the following article by the comrades of the revolutionary newspaper A Nova Demokracia for numerous pictures of the comrades' actions.

On the occasion of 26 December 2022 - the 129th anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao - comrades in Chile made an impressive mural in a neighbourhood of the capital Santiago. We hereby want to reproduce some pictures published by the Chilean comrades of the revolutionary newspaper El Pueblo.

We are publishing an unofficial translation of an article by the comrades of El Pueblo from Chile.

Our collaborators have sent us photos of graffiti and posters that have appeared in recent days in various rural areas of the Ñuble region, with slogans such as "seasonal workers to fight" and "land for those who work it". This uproar is taking place in the middle of the main harvest season in the fields of the region, where various mobilisations are taking place.

We publish an inofficial translation of an article by the Chilenian newspaper El pueblo that was sent to us.