We publish an inofficial and preliminarily translation of an article by the Brazilian democratic Newspaper A Nova Democracia about the people's struggle in Ecuador that was sent to us.

We publish an unofficial translation of a statement by the FDLP-EC from Ecuador.

The Front in Defence of the People's Struggles Ecuador rejects and condemns the arrest of the leader of Conaie, Leónidas Iza.

It is clear that the strategy of the government and its repressive apparatuses is to dismantle the leadership of the indigenous movement, in the absurd idea that it will be able to neutralise the growing popular protest.

Any repressive measure taken by the government will fuel the popular struggle. It is no longer enough to fight for the ten points listed in the AGENDA OF NATIONAL FIGHT, it is necessary to fight for the release of the banker and his murderous companions.

We publish an unofficial translation of a contribution by the comrades of Sol Rojo  from Mexico, in memory of comrade Chino Pelón, whose death marked its first anniversary on 10 June 2022.

Oaxaca, Mexico. 10 June marked the first anniversary of the death of Saúl Morales Hernández, our dear comrade "Chino Pelón". A year ago he was sown in the earth - the same earth in Chiapas where he was born - and since then his memory has been walking in the footsteps of poor peasants and workers in the mountains of Oaxaca and Chiapas. There is no march where his name does not appear, there is no protest where the masses do not pay homage to him and defy the old land-owning, bureaucratic state. Soon we will also see him at the commemorative marches for the APPO; his name and his red flag will once again be waving thousands of times in the streets and on the barricades. Saúl Morales Hernández - In the heart and in the struggles of the people!

In the following we publish an unofficial translation of an article of the newspaper A Nova Democracia, about the murder of a worker by the MIlitary Police and the protests against it.

We publish an unofficial English translation of an article published on A Nova Democracia, which was sent to us.

We publish unofficial translations of reports of recent actions by comrades from Mexico, published on the Sol Rojo website.

We publish pictures of actions on the occasion of the anniversary of the launching of the People's War in Peru from Mexico, as well as an unofficial translation of a short text on the subject published by the comrades of Sol Rojo.

In the framework of the 42nd anniversary of the Beginning of the Armed Struggle in 1980 in Peru and continuing the International Campaign in defence of the Leadership and the powerful thought of Chairman Gonzalo, revolutionaries in Mexico deployed during the month of May a day of Dazibaos in different cities.

Once again, the opportunist government of Chile, led by Gabriel Boric, deployed the military and imposed a state of emergency in the Araucanía, the Mapuche territory in Chile. The military has thus been in control in the area since 17 May, basic fundamental rights have been suspended and laws suspended. According to the Chilean Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, the reason for the deployment of the military and the declared state of emergency is the safety of the citizens in the area.