We publish unofficial translations of reports of recent actions by comrades from Mexico, published on the Sol Rojo website.

Boicot Mx2022

This Sunday, 5 June, gubernatorial elections took place in six states of the Republic, the common denominator of which was the widespread abstention of the population, with clear numbers that speak of the people's disgust with the bourgeois electoral farce. In four of these states (Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Tamaulipas and Quintana Roo) Morena emerged victorious, while in two (Durango and Aguascalientes) the PAN came out on top. The passive boycott, reflected in abstentions and cancellations of votes, was followed by an active boycott (especially in Oaxaca), where the masses burned ballot boxes and prevented polling stations from being set up in different municipalities and communities because of the disaster left by Hurricane Agatha, because of social conflicts or because they opposed mega-projects that led to expropriation and death. New governors are coming, the resistance continues, down with the bourgeois electoral farce! Don't vote, organise and fight!

Revolutionaries commemorate ILA 80 (update)

 As part of the 42nd anniversary of the start of the armed struggle in 1980 in Peru, and continuing the international campaign to defend the leadership and powerful thought of Chairman Gonzalo, revolutionaries in Mexico held a Day of Dazibao in various cities in May.

Here we share some pictures that reached us by email from Mexico City.