In the last weeks revolutionaries carried out actions in homage to Chairman Gonzalo in popular neighbourhoods in some cities in Bolivia.

We are publishing an unofficial translation sent to us of a contribution by the Mexican comrades.

We like to publish an inofficial translation of a text by the Mexican comrades of People's Current Red Sun that was sent to us.

The militant rap group Ameaça Vermelha from Brazil has released a new song titled “Forjados no Fogo”. We share the release with our readers.

In the 19th issue of Periódico Mural from this month [LINK: Suchen bei „“], the Mexican comrades in a short but important article on page 5 address the question of unity. As what is stated by the comrades there is of some relevance, we use this occasion to publish a translation, that has been sent to us.

We reproduce below an unofficial translation of a contribution made by the Mexican comrades of Sol Rojo on 11th of November.

The comrades from Ecuador from the FDLP and the Committee of the Poor Peasants made a moving video, to hold high Gonzalo thought, which we want to share here. We have unofficially translated the text.

In the following we publish an unofficial translation of an article from the Brazilian newspaper "A Nova Democracia (AND)". AND is run by different revolutionary and progressive forces and therefore does not necessarily reflect the views of the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction).