We would like to share inofficial translation, that was sent to us, of a document of the Mexican comrades they published on the death of Comrade Saúl Morales Hernández.

We would like to present a video that shows the peasents of the Camp Manoel Ribeiro combating the reactionary forces of the old Brazilian state that was published by the LCP.

We do repost a very improtant article on the recent events inside the electoral farce in Peru by the MPP, published on


The television channel Arte has made a short documentary (links below) worth seeing about feminist militancy in Mexico.


Comrades in Mexico successfully conducted the United Day of Countryside and City with a massive mobilization. Under the four slogans “Against the Megaprojects of dispossession and death”, “Against the rise in costs of electric energy”, “Against the criminalization and repression” and “Respect the rights of workers and unions” thousands followed the call and went to the streets in various parts of the country this Monday.

We reproduced the note from the Brazilian Center for Solidarity with Peoples (Cebraspo) on the acquittal of two activists who were unjustly prosecuted after protesting against the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

With great joy we share a video by the League of Poor Peasents (LCP) in solidarity with the accused and arrested rapper Pablo Hasél in Spain.


Last Sunday general elections were held in Ecuador. While the votes are currently counted and no final result is, as of now, available comrades in Ecuador have made several actions in the weeks leading up to the elections calling for boycotting the elections and denouncing the current conditions in the country.