The television channel Arte has made a short documentary (links below) worth seeing about feminist militancy in Mexico.

Feministische Militante Mexiko

The protagonists belong to the group that occupied the Human Rights Commission. They show very clearly that they have no illusions in the bourgeois state and this fig leaf of the same. Even if not every political practice shown is to be endorsed, the determination and militancy of the organized women is worthy of respect. It doesn't even take them a blink of an eye to drive the approaching cops out of their neighborhood with hammers. They are not afraid of repression because they realize that it is more likely for women in the Mexican state to become victims of femicide than to end up in jail. Meanwhile, 99% of femicides in Mexico go unpunished. The whole thing is aptly summed up by a slogan on the wall of the activists' headquarters: "Mi enemigo es el sistema."

Unfortunaly the video available only in German and French. But even for English-only speakers it should be worth a look.