In the following we publish an inoffical translation of an article from A Nova Democracia regarding the further terror against the LCP and the revolutionary peasant movement.

In the following we publish an unofficial translation of an article by "A Nova Democracia" about struggles of the indigenous population against their displacement by the old state.

Here we publish a video of the comrades from Ecuador:

#IMBABURA - Just struggle in the sector of Buenos Aires where community members confront the Imperialist mining company #Hanrine, which illegally entered the sector in full view and patience of the 'authorities' of this old state and the police have lent themselves to be the bodyguards of the economic groups and not of the people who fight for the land and not to pollute the environment...

Since last week, the comrades in La Merced de Buenos Aires, Ecuador have been fighting firmly against the military, the police and the mining company Hanrine to defend their land. As a just response to the invasion, they have published an appeal which we would like to share here.


ni agua klein

The military, the police, the authorities of the old state and the mining company Hanrine are invaders in the Merced de Buenos Aires, for all of them NO WATER!

They are the enemies of the poor peasants, of the common people, of the land, of the water and of the life.

When they approach your ranch or your house, you refuse them any support. If they are hungry, refuse them a crust of bread; if they are thirsty, refuse them a glass of water; if they want your cooperation, send them to hell!

Show them contempt and deep class hatred!

We would like to share here an unofficial translation of an article written by comrades from Colombia: „Campesino es asesinado por la policía durante desalojo de tierra en el Cauca, el pueblo hace justicia popular incendiando alcaldía“

On August 2, 23 year old Huver Samir Camayo was killed by the police in the municipality of Cajibío, Cauca, when he was passing through the area where the police were trying to evict peasant families who had been fighting for their right to land.

In Imbabura, near Buenos Aires, Ecuador, poor peasants are fighting to protect their land and the environment from pollution against the mining company Hanrine, which is trying to illegally enter this sector with the support of the police and the armed forces, who are your bodyguards.

We want to publish avideo by the Liga dos Camponeses Pobres - LCP in which they salute the people's struggle in India and the People's Liberation Guerilla Army. In the video impressive solidarity actions and the live in the camps of the LCP are shown. The video is also available with English subtitles.