In the following we publish an inoffical translation of an article from A Nova Democracia regarding the further terror against the LCP and the revolutionary peasant movement.


RO: After massacre, National Force, PM and gunmen invade area again


On September 2 and 3, policemen from the National Public Security Force (FNSP) of Bolsonaro and his government of generals, the Military Police (PM) of Colonel Marcos Rocha, governor of Rondônia, invaded the Ademar Ferreira area, in Nova Mutum Paraná. Wielding rifles, the military went through every line, insulting and threatening men, women and children.

The peasants report that at least 14 vehicles invaded the area while a helicopter also flew over the site. Houses were burned down, family belongings destroyed, and motorcycles seized, which the workers characterized as "armed robbery. Since the attack and seizure, the same motorcycles have been used by gunmen on farms in the region.

Fearing for their lives, many workers ran and hid in the woods when ordered to stop. They were then shot. Once again, several peasants, including women and small children, spent the night in the forest to survive.

At least six adults and six children were arrested by the police, but did not make it to a police station, but were thrown out into the streets of Porto Velho. According to reports, the police threw diesel oil and soap powder in order to make it difficult for the families to return to their plots. Other toxic substances were also dumped into water wells (which may even have contaminated the groundwater).


Camponeses registram militares em meio a nova invasão da Área Ademar Campos. Foto: Jornal Resistência Camponesa


Slaying in the Ademar Ferreira Area


On August 13, the Ademar Ferreira Area was invaded by FNSP soldiers and military police from the Batalhão de Polícia de Choque (BPChoque) and Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (Bope) who cowardly murdered three peasants. During the police invasion, four other workers were arrested and many disappeared or took refuge in the forest.

The peasant Amarildo Aparecido Rodrigues, 49, and his son Amaral José Stoco Rodrigues, 17, were murdered in the plot where they lived while they were working in the fields. Kevin Fernando Holanda de Souza, 21, was shot in the back by a police helicopter that was chasing him.

At the time of the massacre the LCP declared: "We repeat once again, no one, no state terrorism will be able to stop the struggle for land! Blood does not drown the revolution, on the contrary, it waters it! He who sows the wind, reaps the storm. What they do is increase our hatred and willingness to fight. We are doing the math, and we are going to collect. You will pay dearly!