We would like to share here an unofficial translation of an article written by comrades from Colombia: „Campesino es asesinado por la policía durante desalojo de tierra en el Cauca, el pueblo hace justicia popular incendiando alcaldía“

On August 2, 23 year old Huver Samir Camayo was killed by the police in the municipality of Cajibío, Cauca, when he was passing through the area where the police were trying to evict peasant families who had been fighting for their right to land.


The indigenous, Afro and mestizo peasants of Cajibío, Cauca, had been demanding for years the fulfillment of the Integral Rural Reform included in the Peace Accord. Faced with the government's total mockery of the agreements, the peasants have decided to take de facto action to assert their right to land and began to recover the El Retiro farm, which legally belongs to the multinational Smurfit Kappa Cartón de Colombia, but which the peasants denounce as having grabbed land at the expense of the displacement of indigenous and peasants.

The multinational Smurfit Kappa Cartón de Colombia is the company that owns the most hectares in the country, grabbing around 70,000 hectares. The police, once again showing that they are faithful protectors of the multinationals and landowners, attacked the peasants with rifle bullets, killing one of them.multinacionales fuera del pais


It is worth noting that in this struggle for land, mestizo, indigenous and Afro peasant sectors are united, communities that historically the Colombian State has tried to divide, especially in Cauca. In this area, the tactic of promising land to Afro-Colombians where the indigenous are claiming it, and vice versa, has been frequent. All this to divide the peasants and contain the struggle for land. Therefore, it is important to highlight that the people have once again found the path of unity in the struggle, understanding that the poor peasant communities, whether Afro, indigenous or mestizo, must unite against the State, the landowners and the multinationals.

The community carried out the burial of the young Huver Samir Camayo on August 4, and held a demonstration against the police. The people, tired of the repression and outraged by the death of a young peasant, attacked the police station and then set fire to the mayor's office in Cajibío.rathaus brennt