Comrades in Mexico successfully conducted the United Day of Countryside and City with a massive mobilization. Under the four slogans “Against the Megaprojects of dispossession and death”, “Against the rise in costs of electric energy”, “Against the criminalization and repression” and “Respect the rights of workers and unions” thousands followed the call and went to the streets in various parts of the country this Monday.

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The National Guard mostly held back in most cases, trying to identify, gather information and spy on the participants. In other instances however, the police tried to more directly intimidate protesters and in Valles Centrales three individuals with military bearing and cloaked in the camouflage of the National Guard tried to break through a barricade before being repelled by the masses and having to speed away. This show of force leaves no doubt on the evaluation of the comrades of Sol Rojo, that this “United Day of Countryside and City on April 12, 2021, has been a great day for the class struggle”.

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In a show of great internationalist solidarty, the Commitees of the Poor Peasents (CCP) of Ecuador have published a video supporting the struggle of the peasents in Camp Manoel Ribeiro. A rally was held in the countryside with a banner and posters depicting the slogan „No to the repression against the peasents of Santa Elina, Brazil“. Additionally, speeches were given to explain the current situation in Brazil and the participants sang The Internationale in an expression of true proletarian internationalism.

Apart from the actions carried out in by the Committee of Poor Peasants of Ecuador in the countryside, a further action was carried out in front of the Brazilian Embassy, where representatives of several combative organizations, such as the Front in Defense of the People’s Struggles, the National Union of Workers in the Health Sector, the Federation of Workers in the Health Sector of Pichincha, the Press Committee of the Workers, the Association of Electricians, the People’s Women Movement and the  Committee of Poor Peasants, came together to express their solidarity with the fighting peasants of Santa Elina and to hand over a missive to the officials of the embassy denouncing the repression of the just struggles there.

campaña de solidaridad LCP Brasil 2021

Furthermore, comrades in Ecuador carried out actions marking the end of the recent electoral farce in their country. On Sunday the electoral office confirmed, that Guillermo Lasso gained 52,52% of the votes in run-off election. A former banker, he represents the interests of the comprador bourgeoisie. His election further indicates, how the bourgeoisie becomes less and less capable to spread their sham of “Socialism of the 21st Century” as revisionism has reared its ugly head with this disguise too many a time and has demasked itself blatantly in front of the masses with the last two presidents.

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In Sucre, Colombia, the inhabitants waged a successful struggle for the provision of drinking water in the beginning of this month. This has not been the first of actions. For three months activities have been conducted to ensure the access to drinking water. This time however, protesters blocked a central highway, vital for transportation, with burning tires, halting all traffic. The combativeness of the action forced the municipal administration to act. Within two hours of the start of the blockade, offers were extended to the protesters with the promise to immediately start pumping fresh drinking water again to the affected communities.

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