We share an unofficial translation of an article shared by A Nova Democracia (AND):

We want to publish an inofficial translation of an important message by the Mexican comrades that was sent to us about the dispossession of the inhabitants of Xoxocotlán. You can find a German translation here. For further information there are also English German translations existing about this topic:

In this place we publish a inofficial Translation of an article of AND that has been send to us:

We republish an unofficial translation of the Document that was first published by AND, that was send to us:

Hereby we publish a translation of an article by mexican comrades about an imoprtant struggle in Xoxocotlan.

We are publishing an translation of ci-ic of the Detained-Disappeared Day report from Mexico.

This August 30, the International Day of the Detained-Disappeared has been commemorated with mobilisations in different parts of the Mexican Republic to demand the presentation alive of the more than 100,000 disappeared throughout the country.

José Maria Galhasi, a great communist fighter, indelible figure of the Brazilian communist movement and a staunch internationalist, he died on August 24 in São Paulo. At the age of 96, the cause for it was a natural death, as his health had been weakened by more then 80 decades of fighting and heroic struggles in the service of the revolutionary proletariat. José Maria is one of the veteran founders of A Nova Democracia (AND), a permanent and tireless enthusiast.

On the 22nd of August, a demonstration of residents and popular movements took place in the Complexo do Alemão favela in Rio de Janeiro. Under the slogan "Stop the massacres in the favelas of Rio and Brazil", participants protested loudly and militantly in the streets. Here is a video of the demonstration: