We share an unofficial translation of an article shared by A Nova Democracia (AND):

We share a note from the newspaper Peasant Resistance about vigorous rejection of the electoral farce that took place in Rondônia, the state with the largest abstention in the country (official data), where 24.7% of the population refused to give their vote to any of the candidates or move to regularize their situation at the TSE [Supreme Electoral Tribunal].


Masses inside Rondônia reject the electoral farce


The despicable Circus, promoted by the fraudulent campaigns of the different acronyms of the electoral farce, had to face the growing rejection of the peasant masses in the interior of Rondônia, as shown by the data that readers sent to the newspaper Peasant Resistance. We share below the reports we received in the editorial office.




Hundreds of farmers vehemently booed a shameless political initiative to promote the campaigns of the electoral farce in the region, by the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform [Instituto Nacional de Colonização e Reforma Agrária] (Incra) of Rondônia. This fact occurred at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Territory of Zé Bentão, in a meeting convened by an organ of the old state under the pretext of giving "land documents" to the peasants. This is one of the main demands of the more than 600 families of the Revolutionary Territories of Zé Bentão, Renato Nathan, Alzira Monteiro, Alberico Carvalho and Maranatã 1 and 2, since the repossession of the old Fazenda Santa Elina in 2010. Therefore, more than a thousand peasants followed Incra's invitation for a meeting on August 31st, believing it was about the issuance of land titles.


According to reports from residents, at the very beginning of the event, the workers fell into a large and powerful boo when they noticed the presence of the electoral candidates and heard from the mouth of the Incra representative that the organization was not issuing definitive titles, but, instead, a new CCU (Contract for Authorization of use [Contrato de Concessão de Uso]) with indefinite validity for the land.


Residents also said that the impudent official was still trying to argue that - against all sky-scraping evidence - this event was not about a political stage, but it was useless. With this forceful rejection, the people made it clear that they would not be easily misled by the auxiliary organs of the old state and the latifundium, who underestimated their intelligence and willingness to fight.


Residents scare away candidates with rejection posters


Rondonia Massen verscheuchen Politker mit Plakaten

Photo sent in by reader


Posters with the slogan "I don't want politicians here!" and the like have spread on house fronts and entrance gates in the southern part of Rondônia, expressing the dissatisfaction of the people with the candidates of different shades, who during the electoral period wanted to pretend to care about the rights of the people, but after the electoral period do not care about the simplest demands of the masses.

The photographs were taken in the city of Cerejeiras, 800 kilometers from the capital [of Rondônia], Porto Velho. When asked about the placement of the posters, residents confirmed that many people placed posters on their homes, explaining, "We're tired of this talk that promises, promises but does nothing." Still others reported, "When [the candidates] get here, we have to stop work to listen to a bunch of lies. It doesn't do any good."


These facts show that despite the great effort and considerable expenditure on the part of the old state and different acronyms, with propaganda and blackmail, with the intention of dragging the masses along the path of the electoral farce, each time the classes of the people sharpen their gaze and their understanding that the elections are not the way to change anything in their living situation and exploitation.