We publish an unofficial English translation of an article published on A Nova Democracia, which was sent to us.

The People's Lawyer Lenir Correia Coelho, a prominent defender of people's rights for over 20 years, is being accused by the ruling classes in Rondonia, in a process denounced as persecutory, of being the "leader" of a "criminal organization" that, according to the declared enemies of peasants and poor people of Rondonia, "invades private lands in the state of Rondonia".

The unjust accusation culminated in a criminal action and is a direct attack on the right of democratic lawyers to practice law freely, and also on the right of the people to have legal counsel, rights provided for in the reactionary constitution of the old state. In Rondônia, a campaign of criminalization of the popular movements in the struggle for land is underway.

The supposed "criminal organization" is in reality nothing more than a popular movement that is organizing to enforce the right to land, which, even within the framework of latifundist legality, is denied to millions of peasant families throughout the country.

The Unjust Process

The Brazilian Association of People's Lawyers (Abrapo) denounces that "in a desperate attempt to criminalize the social movements and to stop the seizure of public and unproductive lands by the people's power, the state of Rondônia, through its police and judiciary forces, moves against the People's Lawyer and the peasant movement all its apparatus and tricks to place the struggle for land and its defenders as the greatest enemies to be fought".

According to Abrapo, the "evidence" in the lawsuit is very weak and the process is built by creating an absurd police narrative to criminalize the people's advocacy. Abrapo has excerpts from the lawsuit where, according to the "police intelligence", the lawyer's participation as the mentor of an alleged criminal organization is proven. One of the excerpts in the lawsuit shows that, after a message was sent by someone inviting the lawyer to his home, the lawyer replies: "Good afternoon! We'll arrive tomorrow, okay! Thank you". In another passage pointed out as "proof" of the participation of lawyer Lenir Correia as the "leader of a criminal organization", another person reports the defender's performance in a repossession suit - something common in the performance of a lawyer.

Lenir Correia angeklagt II Lenir Correia angeklagt III


Participate in the hearing

In the face of this continuous attack, Abrapo is inviting political entities, organizations and democrats to participate in the hearing on the criminal action brought against the popular lawyer Lenir Correia, which will take place on June 9 and 10 at 8 a.m. (Manaus time). To participate it is necessary to send a message to the entity through instagram or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., confirming your interest.

The recent trajectory of the People's Lawyer

The People's Lawyer Lenir Correia has a master's and a doctorate in Agrarian Law (PPGDA/UFG), is a researcher of the Agrarian Question and has been working for over 20 years in the defense of popular peasant movements. Lenir is also a member of Abrapo and the National Network of People's Lawyers (Renap).

After her work defending the peasants of the areas of the Camps Tiago dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira, the lawyer had her house raided on November 23, 21, in the midst of actions promoted as part of Operation "Canaã", phase 3, by agents of the 2nd Police Department for Repression of Organized Crime (Draco) commanded by the fascist governor Marcos Rocha, his Public Safety Secretary, José Hélio Cysneiros Pachá (nicknamed by the peasants as the "butcher of Santa Elina") and by the military government of Bolsonaro and generals.

In an interview with AND, the lawyer reported that the body of work that the police officers took away is immeasurable, but that "what they couldn't take away was the dignity" and she also declared that the lawyers will not stop working in defense of the people's rights.

For Lenir, the old state has elected the Peasant League (LCP) as public enemy number one: "The enemy is not the bandit, it is the social movement for the land struggle. And within this process it has been criminalizing all those who defend it," he declared.

In December 2021, acts of solidarity with Lenir Correia took place in the states of Rondônia and Rio de Janeiro, together with the launching of the report of the Solidarity Mission to the areas of the Camps Tiago dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira. The activities brought together several dozen democrats.