In 28 and 29 of October, this year, in the south region of Para, North of Brazil, an historical peasant meeting was held in the seized area of Santa Lucia farm – the place which was stage of a massacre this year, where 11 peasants were brutally murdered. Participated in the meeting several organizations and they affirmed the path of struggle for land and to end latifundium. This meeting was very important for the peasant movement, for its organization and mobilization.

Image of the meeting.

Many organizations took part of the meeting, movements, unions and assossiations. The meeting approved the organization of another peasant meeting in Redencao – city close to Santa Lucia farm – in January, 2018, also the immediate the mobilization and organization and of the peasants of the South of Para, and the document: Pau D’Arco Letter (Carta de Pau D’Arco)in which aims towards the union of the peasants, indigenous people, quilombola1 and peoples displaced by dams and mining in the struggle for the conquest of land for the tiller.

Also a homeage for the martyrs of Pau D'Arco was held in this meeting.

Homeage for the martyrs of PauD'Arco.

This meeting is a milestone in the peasant’s movement in brazil, in the recent history, it aims to the agrarian revolution and denounces the massacres of Pau D’Arco2 and Colniza3 this year, and is a proof that wherever is oppression, there will be resistance. The relatives of the martyrs of Pau D’Arco said that resist in the land is to honor them, and the Agrarian Revolution is a necessity. a Terena4 leader said that they will fight to death for the right to the land.

The 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari Uprising in India was also celebrated. This was a milestone to the beginning of the People’s War in the country.

1 – Quilombo was a form of resistance against the slavery of the Africans brought to Brazil, who fled from the farms and organized quilombos to live and resist the slavers, they were called quilombolas.

2 – Pau D’Arco massacre happened in Santa Lucia Farm, South of Para in the north of Brazil, 11 peasants were murdered by the police in May, 2017.

3 – Colniza massacre happened in Mato Grosso State, central region of Brazil, where 9 peasants were murdered by the police in April 2017.

4 – Terena is an indigenous people’s ethnicity, with territories mainly in Mato Grosso State, Central region of Brazil.