image of Salgueiro complex

Only in November this year, at least 17 people were murdered during joint operation of the state repression apparatus – the police, the military police and the army – only on the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

At least three big massacres took place this month in the city, one of them – which had more impact – was in Salgueiro Complex, in November 11, during a “Funk baile1 17 mariners and 15 military police special forces (BOPE) opened fire at random, provoking terror and killing 7 people.

Another massacre were in São Carlos hill November 20, day of the black people, where 5 people were murdered. It was a holiday and the people were at the streets having a drink as usual and the policemen came shooting and hitting people, spreading terror for two hours. In the next day another three people were murdered in Cidade de Deus (God City).

With the new law 13.491/17, the armed forces that kills during service will not go to criminal court, but to federal military court. This law was created to be applied during the Olympics, but it will still be valid. This is another manoeuvre to increment the war against the people, mainly the poor people.

In all these cases the policemen alleged crossfire, but the witnesses denies it. And not even the weapons used in the operation were to be investigated, given that the military court says it was no evidence of military crime, the murderous policeman will not be investigated.

The murders during police activity leapt from 416 cases in 2013 to 920 in 2016, an increase of 120%, and it is still growing.

The only way out of this situation for the people is fighting back, this war against the people must be transformed into a revolutionary war, as people’s war, to seize Power and stop this coward aggression. This rampart violence unleashed by the state is a proof the ruling classes in deep crisis, fear the people and the unbeatable force that emanates from it that will destroy them inevitably when organized.

1“Funk baile” is a party held in almost every favela in Rio de Janeiro and other cities, where mostly the poor people goes at night to relax after working all the week.