We publish this inofficial translation of a call of the Solidarity Committee for Indigenous Peoples (Comitê de solidariedade aos Povos Indígenas - CSPI) on recent attempt to evict natives and peasants from land they retook themselves:

Kaiowá and Guarani Natives, along with residents of the Bororo village, blocked the access road to Itaporã on a part of the Dourados road with barricades on November 24th. The protest repudiated the new eviction order sentenced by the Federal Justice to be fulfilled in 20 days. The retaken land has already completed 8 years of existence.

In the morning, armed henchmen of the landlords were sent to do their dirty work of surveillance and terrorism, prowling the place with pick-up trucks and photographing the people's fighters.

The blockade evidenced the mobilization force of the joint retreats of the local villages, expanding the support network among the Tekoá. At the time, banners were also erected against the criminal eviction of the Guapoy retaken land in Caarapó, recently released by the CSPI. Therefore, two eviction orders are opened in less than a month. The order against Nhu Verá, in turn, was already in progress since 2013.

It is the second manifestation in two days. The first, held on November 23rd, was at the same time as the blockade of the Guaicurus highway, organized by students, technical-administrative in strike and residents of the Cerrito neighbourhood. This group joined the call for the National Day of Struggle in Defence of Public Education, a national event convened by the National Executive of Pedagogy Students (Executiva Nacional dos Estudantes de Pedagogia - ExNEPe), also addressing the indigenous struggle for land as one of the main centres of resistance in Mato Grosso do Sul , showing that the Brazilian student movement must be in alliance with the peoples in struggle.

The Guarani and Kaiowá of the retaken land of Dourados will stay mobilized, and refuse to leave their traditional lands. These acts are flames of popular rebellion, and all these attacks will be like fuel. Thousands will rise in case of fulfilment of the eviction order, setting the stage for new massacres, but above all, for a great uprising against the genocidal state and the latifundium.

Down with the criminal eviction of the retaken lands Guapoy and Nhu Verá!
Land to those who live and work on it!