We publish an inofficial translation of a declaration by the Current Red Sun - Oaxaca:

To the working class and the peoples
To democratic and revolutionary organizations
To the democratic magisterium agglutinated to the CNTE1 and classist unions

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More than seven years have passed after the forced displacement of more than 150 families from the Trique2 community San Miguel Copala, belonging to the municipality of Putla Villa de Guerrero. More than seven years of demanding justice and reparation for the damage by the old state and its various bourgeois governments in turn, which did nothing but to hush up our demands and trample our rights.

Along the path of repression and exclusion against the displaced people of San Miguel Copala, all levels of government have passed, including the head of the Ombudsman's Office for the Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca, despite the fact that this body has issued Precautionary Measures that demand the Comprehensive Reparation of the damage for all the Trique families that have been victims of this injustice. Now, with the Internal Security Law that aims to militarise the country for the benefit of the big bourgeoisie and latifundium, the rights of the people will be buried, and as an example of this: forced displacements tend to increase.

Faced with the antipopular policies of the regime, the rights of the people in general, and of the native peoples in particular, are a dead letter in bourgeois law; and they will only be cared for and respected through the development of unity and class struggle that we exploited and oppressed.

Therefore, demanding compliance with the Precautionary Measures of the displaced Trique of San Miguel Copala, stopping the war against the people and the militarization of the country, are urgent tasks.

It is important to say that in seven years, justice did not reach the displaced of San Miguel Copala.

  • We have been forcibly displaced from our community of origin and demand for integral reparation of the damage has not been met.
  • Our comrade Roberto López Mateo died last August in the most humiliating and precarious conditions imposed on us by forced displacement.
  • Now also (since the month of August) the City of Oaxaca de Juárez, in a racist and repressive attitude, denies us the right to work, knowing well that we no longer have land and our only source of income is the sale of the crafts we make.

They deny us all rights and take away the only work we have!

The old bourgeois-landowner state thinks we have no dignity, that we will beg for charity or that we will go to the queue of their electoral parties.

Next Tuesday, December 19, we will have a meeting with personnel from the state government and the Ombudsman for Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca to know the level of responses to our main demands.

If there are no answers, we will mobilize in the framework of the "Night of the Radishes"3 and consecutive days, to demonstrate that the old state traffics with the traditions and culture of the people of Oaxaca, while it oppresses to the people and tramples down to the last of our rights with its policy of racism and repression.

  • Integral reparation of damage and compliance with precautionary measures!
  • Justice for the displaced Trique of San Miguel Copala and the family of comrade Roberto López Mateo!
  • Respect for work and the rights of the displaced of San Miguel Copala in the City!

Total repudiation of the militarization of the country and the Law of Internal Security!

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With the Red Sun, the people will win!
General Assembly of Displaced Trique of San Miguel Copala



1 Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación – National Coordination of Education Workers
2 The Trique people are indigenous in the area of Oaxaca
3 Night of the Radishes is an annual event in the city of Oaxaca