The comrades in Mexico held an impressive demonstration in Oaxaca on April 11th. It was mobilised from eight regions in Oaxaca for this demonstration.


At this demonstration, on the 99th day of the murder of Emiliano Zapata, the comrades made the following points:

"1. That the struggle of the agrarian revolution led by the Liberation Army of the South and the plains of the Ayala, is reinforced in the current reality of bureaucratic capitalism, semi-feudalism and semi-colonialism which takes place in Mexico.

2. That it will be neither class collaboration nor parliamentary cretinism that fulfills the great tasks of the agrarian revolution in particular and the new democratic revolution in general, but class organization and class struggle.

3. That in this situation the viability of a peaceful or evolutionary change within the current system is unthinkable; that any participation in the electoral circus of the big bourgeoisie leads by all its factions to the oppression, exploitation and bleeding of the proletariat and the working people. Elections are not the solution, the solution is revolution!

4. That we continue to support the call not to vote, but to organize and struggle, and where conditions permit, to boycott the electoral farce.

5. That ours is the road to revolutionary change in society, and that only by building a socialist society in Mexico as part of the proletarian world revolution will it be possible to move towards communism."

They also declare that the fighting slogans of their people are: Everything is illusory except power! The rebellion is justified! and they will take to the streets with these slogans as often as necessary to fulfill the tasks their democratic organization has within the revolutionary process.

The comrades at the demonstration also presented a banner for the campaign celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of the great Karl Marx.