Acting President Martin Vizcarra wants to clean up the old state of Peru. He took over the post this year after Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was forced to resign from office due to his involvement in the corruption scandal surrounding the construction company Odebrecht. Corruption is always a big issue in all oppressed nations. The bourgeois politicians put as much money in their pockets as possible, get bribed and let themselves be used by the imperialists, and don’t give a crap about the people. This will eventually become public and they will be replaced by a new bourgeois politician, who is also a lackey of the imperialists, but is staged as “so much better” than his predecessor. They then fight against corruption, make up for the mistakes of their predecessors, in short: they pretend that they really care about the well-being of the people. And that's exactly what Vizcarra and the rest of the government in Peru is currently trying to teach the people. So he is himself publicly flown into a jungle to inaugurate a bridge. "If you've forgotten, that's changed," Vizcarra claimed. "From now on, you have a president who cares." He wants to take special care of the poor, eradicating corruption anyhow. He is the good Samaritan of Peru. The one who makes everything better. A reserved politician who suddenly became president. And although no one had really believed in his leadership qualities, he had staged himself as an aspiring, popular person.


Furthermore, the genocidal Fujimori, who was pardoned and released from prison by Kuczynski only last year, is going to be back in jail for his crimes. His pardon had caused great indignation and protest in the Peruvian people and internationally, as his deeds and massacres can neither be forgotten nor forgiven. But just as Fujimori's pardon was just a political move to satisfy the opposition imposed by Fujimori's daughter in order to remain in office, his renewed arrest is certainly not an act of actual condemnation of the brutal fight against the people's war in Peru. But for the popularity of Vizcarra, it helps a lot.


Recently Keiko Fujimori was also in jail for a short time. Because of suspicion of money laundering and corruption. Interestingly enough, Odebrecht should also be involved here. Therefore, the “fight against corruption” could indeed ensure, in the event of a conviction of Fujimori, that Vizcarras most serious opponent in the 2021 elections can not compete. But surely he and his legislature are only concerned with "doing good”.


Well, Vizcarra knows how to stage himself. He knows what the bourgeois press likes to hear. He may pander to the people by pretending to be their benefactor in the government. But they can’t be dazzled by many beautiful words and publicity. Soon enough, everyone will notice that nothing will change as long as imperialism remains the prevailing world order and the imperialists exploit and keep the oppressed nations dependent. Led by the Communist Party of Peru, which will overcome all obstacles, they will fight in the People's War for the New Democratic Revolution.