On November 14, the weichafe [AT: Mapuche term for warrior] Camilo Catrillanca, 24 years old, was murdered from behind by hands of the Jungla Command. Immediately after, students, residents and workers took to the streets to unleash the contained anger with actions throughout the country.

On the following day, November 15, the Day of National Protest for No More Zones of Sacrifice, that was called by the Open Cabildo [AT: indigenous representative institution] of Quintero-Puchuncaví -  in whose territory has been a struggle against the extreme pollution generated by the imperialist and monopolistic companies raging for months -  was a true day of popular protest. The streets of Santiago, Concepción and Temuco were a real battlefield for more than 3 hours, where the masses surpassed even the capacities of the police itself, by installing barricades in different points and sabotaging banks, service centers, pharmacies, etc.

Under the cry "From north to south, from east to west, we want clean air at all costs!" and "Let the people listen, they killed a Mapuche!" the masses gathered to continue the protest in the streets of Santiago downtown.

Up to this day, protests, drumming of kitchen utensils and barricades denouncing the death of Camilo Catrillanca and demanding the removal of the Jungle Commando are taking place throughout the territory.

As for the old State, with this murder from behind by the hands of a Yankee-trained military command – which destroyed the recordings of the operation where Camilo was murdered (at the same time that one of the big announcements of this command was the “hi-tech” technology that they had to record their operations) and which has been concealed and sought to be hidden under the figure of an operation for a "common offense” against a "criminal" with criminal records (which was shown to be false) –, it has been further exposed as what it is: a machine of oppression, at the service of the latifundium, of the big bourgeoisie, of imperialism. This is what the opportunists of the so-called "opposition" have tried to hide while shedding crocodile tears for the death of Camilo, when during their governments (Concertación-Nueva Mayoría) they applied the same anti-Mapuche policy, showing that they are nothing more than part of this oppression machine.

Moreover, not only has this happened in the Araucanía, but the state also has his hands in the murder of Alejandro Castro (a fisherman leader of Quintero's struggle), Kevin Garrido (a young fighter killed in Santiago 1 prison, condemned by the "Bombas Case"), the militarization of the lyceums [AT: high schools] and their farce of "Safe Classroom" (that seeks to end the combative organization of secondary students) and a long list of the offensive of the old State and imperialism against the people.

All this has ignited the flames of the popular protest and has further extended the solidarity between the Chilean and Mapuche people with multiple actions that are growing: from drumming of kitchen utensils in the squares of the neighborhoods, marches and barricades, protests in front of the embassies of Chile in different countries of the world, and, principally, actions in the countryside.

This is how the unity of the Chilean and Mapuche peoples is being forged, demonstrating that if one falls, a thousand rise!

Develop the growing popular protest!
Alejando Castro, Kevin Garrido and Camilo Catrillanca Present in the Struggle!
Jungla Command Go away!


Translated from FERP.



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