Translated from an article of A Nova Democracia

Mexico: Active Election Boycott Prevents Polling in Town of Oaxaca

In the town of San Dionisio del Mar, in the region of Istmo de Tehuantepec (state of Oaxaca), there was an active boycott against the new municipal presidency election (equivalent to mayor) and prevented it from being held on 9 December. The boycott, approved at the People´s General Assembly, was made counting with fire and violent protests.

In a statement, the People's Current - Red Sun (CP-SR) affirmed that the decision for the active boycott was the way the masses adopted to prevent the local cacique Teresina de Jesús Luis Ojeda from being imposed in the position by the General Secretariat of Government and by the State Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute of Oaxaca.

The objective of these organs of the old state was, according to the CP-SR, to impose the cacique in the position by means of the electoral farce kept through the violence against the masses and the coercion, to install "the mega imperialistic wind project in Barra Santa Teresa ". The wind project would lead to the eviction of peasant families from their lands to settle there all kinds of monopolies to plunder the natural wealth, as they fundament.


Poor peasants and fishermen during active boycott action on local election farce, December 9