In the following, we publish an english translation of the report from the Struggles for Justice and the Rights of the People that took place in Mexico and was published by the Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo website.



To the working class and the workers
To the poor peasantry and the indigenous peoples
To the democratic magisterium of Section XXII of the SNTE-CNTE
To the democratic and revolutionary organizations

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We want to inform our militancy, collaborators, sympathizers, friends, that our democratic organization has carried out the First Stage of our Struggles for Justice and the Rights of the People, drawn up by our last State Assembly.

To fulfill the general lines of integrity, energy and success for this first stage of our Struggles was outlined by the Central Plan of Struggle and Combat, which was established by our leading bodies.

Likewise, the behavior of our militancy has been combative, forceful and disciplined, acting with clarity as established by the Central Plan of Struggle and Combat, which was established by our leading bodies.

After our State Assembly on January 20, the SolRojista militancy in the mountains, jungles, forests, the countryside, the sea and the city, developed preparation Assemblies in communities, rural centers, ejidos, camps in defense of the land and territory, neighborhoods, popular neighborhoods, schools, work centers, hospitals, clinics and other places where we are present in order to establish the general lines and behavior to be seen during this First Stage of our Struggles.

In each Assembly, the five central points were established with precision:

I. Presentation with life of comrade Doctor Ernesto Sernas García
II. Full reparation of the damage and compliance with the precautionary measures of the displaced Triquis families of San Miguel Copala.
III. Cancellation of the military-electric sub-station of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) in San Blas Atempa.
IV. Respect for work and freedom of association of unionized workers in Section 9 of the National Independent Union of Health Workers (SINTS)
V. Respect for and compliance with the rights of the people.

From this whole agenda, it has been established with precision that the demand for the presentation of life of Comrade Sernas García is the principal demand, without renouncing the set of five points.

Likewise, there is nothing to negotiate regarding any of the five points. We speak of full compliance as a legitimate demand before the false authorities of the old state.

Once the necessary indications to each contingent and each militant was Given, we have proceeded to develop the First Stage of our Struggles for Justice and in Defense of the Rights of the People, to which this report is submitted.

Day One (11/03/19)

I.    The SolRojistas contingents from different regions of Oaxaca gathered from 8:00 a.m. in the facilities that are occupied by the Oaxaca General Prosecutor's Office (FGO) in La Experimental neighborhood, surrounding the building and starting a powerful militant rally. In this place, the demands for the life of our comrade Ernesto Sernas García were made, ten months after his forced disappearance, highlighting that this is the main and irrevocable demand. As expected, the FGO denies the attention to the representatives of the family and the organization, also denying access to the lawyers of the same. Let us recall that this refusal to address the issue has been prevented since it became known on September 28, 2018 that the Committee Against Forced Disappearances of the UN issued the Urgent Action No.540 / 2018 demanding the Mexican state to give clear reports on its search and presentation with life.

II.    On the way to the center of the city, the SolRojistas contingents stopped at the facilities of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) where an important rally was held demanding the cancellation of the SEDENA military sub-station in San Blas Atempa, the cancellation of the wind power megaproject and the repudiation of the "Special Economic Zones-Plan for the Development of the Isthmus" that are in fact megaprojects of imperialism with the approval of the latifundium for the dispossession of indigenous lands and territories and the forced displacement of peoples as internal displacement .

III.    On the way to the center of the city, the SolRojistas contingents stopped at Oaxaca Health Services (SSO) facilities where a rally was held in support of the comrades of Section 9 of the SINTS and in rejection to the policy of personnel cuts, which is in reality the unjustified mass dismissals against workers of various programs of the said institution.

IV.    On the way to the city center, the first square was surrounded, blocking the streets for more than two hours and then advancing in a disciplined manner from different points in order to completely sieging the Ignominia Palace, which is the state government palace, closing all its access doors and installing massive stand in the Zócalo Square.

V.    At 6:00 p.m. the Political-Cultural Program, celebrating the Centenary of the constitution of the Communist International or Third International, as well as the Centenary of the constitution of the Mexican Communist Party, as the Mexican section of the Third International began. This program took place with the combative and artistic participation of diverse cultural groups, counting on Latin American music, revolutionary poetry, theater, as well as with the presentations of the Cultural and for Studies of Science for the Proletarian Revolution Center that have told us about history and struggle of the Third International, as well as of the Mexican Communist Party and the need to reconstitute the party of the working class under the scientific ideology of the proletariat, namely: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, retaking the contributions of universal validity of Chairman Gonzalo.

Day Two (12/03/19)

I.    Starting from 9:00 am, the SolRojistas contingents went on the march from the Zócalo Square, in the direction of the Coordination for the Attention of Human Rights (CADH), which reports directly to the office of the Governor of Oaxaca. When the contingents arrived at this place, they proceeded siege the facilities, carrying out an important rally where the fake role of the ACHR for the attention to the violations committed by the state against the people was shown, of forced displacement as internal displacement of the 161 Triquis families of San Miguel Copala as an example, whose file is precisely stuck in that place without any advance; The same happens with the SEDENA military electric sub-station in San Blas Atempa where it has been shown that there was no free consultation, with prior information and in their mother tongue to the Zapotec villages of Puente Madera, Rancho Llano and Loma Bonita, in San Blas Atempa, where there were also arbitrary arrests, uprisings, attacks with firearms, burning of pastures and crops among other aggressions of the state and its paramilitaries against comuneras and comuneros.

II.    With a forceful and combative march the contingents departed at 12:00 to the central offices of Secretary of Health of Oaxaca (SSO), where the installations were sieged in support of our comrades of Section 9 of the SINTS, with an important meeting where the health workers have evidenced the old state and its different levels of government as responsible for the health crisis that SSOs are living, as well as the threat of personnel cuts as massive unjustified dismissal of hundreds of workers from various programs within said institution.

III.    Right there, the SolRojistas contingents proceeded to the siege of the first square of the city with buses of public transport demanding respect and fulfillment of the rights of the people, upholding the five points and their main demand.

IV.    At 20:00 the SolRojistas contingents set off in a combative march towards the Zocalo Square, where a vigorous rally was held, announcing the following:

• That once the general lines of mobilization have been met and the line of conduct of our contingents has been guaranteed, the First Stage of our Struggles for Justice and Defense of the Rights of the People is concluded, maintaining the permanent stand in a representative manner in the Zocalo Square.

• To prepare the conditions in each community and region of Oaxaca, as well as in each school, work center, neighborhood, colony and place where the militancy of our organization is to soon develop the Second Stage of our Struggles.

• Enlist our contingents for the national mobilization planned for the medium term as part of the Third Stage of our Struggles, where we will meet with the contingents of other states of the republic to develop new and vigorous actions in the capital of the country.

Special thanks are due to the support given to us by the comrades of CODEDI, Consorcio and the Cultural and for the Studies of Science for the Proletarian Revolution Center, who supported us with a theater play, words of encouragement and presentations, respectively, during the cultural politic event Commemorating the Centennial of the Third International and the PCM. Let us continue to build unity in action of the democratic and revolutionary formations of the people in struggle!

Before our class and our people we want to ratify our historic commitment to develop and fulfill the tasks of the Democratic, agrarian and anti-imperialist Revolution that feels the objective material base for the development, building and triumph of the Socialist Revolution, as part of the World Proletarian Revolution.

Our Struggles and each of its actions has been a clear tribute to our comrades who have fallen in combat against the old landowner-bureaucratic state, such as comrades Faustino Acevedo Bailón, Alfredo Errestre Vásquez, Rosalino Díaz Barrera and Paulino Salud Landiz; likewise a clear tribute to our beloved comrade Javier López Martínez, Comandante Rojo, who died precisely in March 2018, a year after his departure Comandante Rojo lives in the struggle! Evidently also for our comrade Doctor Ernesto Sernas García who continues resisting from the clandestine dungeons of the regime Alive they took him away, alive we want him!

To the old state we say: Here there is nothing to reconcile! Here nobody is going to give up!

These One Hundred Years of the Communist International and the Mexican Communist Party are precisely one hundred years of proletarian and peasant struggle in Mexico, one hundred years that the SolRojistas uphold again the unfading waving red flag of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as ours.

Long live the Centenary of the Communist International!
Long live the Centenary of the PCM!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long live proletarian internationalism!

Stop the war against the people and state terrorism!
No to the National Guard and the militarization of the country!
No to the megaprojects of dispossession and death!

Death to the latifundium, Long live the Agrarian Revolution!
Death to imperialism!

# DrSernasPresentaciónConVida

With the Red Sun, the people will win!