On the 25th of March heavily armed paramilitaries breached the house off our Mexican comrade Bernardo Sánchez, who is a sympathizer of Sol Rojo, attacked him viciously and attempted to intimidate him and his family. This attack is part of a state sanctioned offensive against the people in the area of San Francisco del Mar, to force through the development plan of the Special Economic Zones despite all local resistance and to ensure the interests of European and American imperialism.

Bernardo, who is a fisherman, is one of those who are in the forefront in organizing against the selling out of the rivers, forests, fields and areas. Hence, he was, among other things, engaged in the struggle against the wind park mega project financed by foreign capital in the commune El Rosario in San Francisco del Mar as well as the creation of Special Economic Zones in that Region. Instead of bringing any kind of development to the area, as it is often proclaimed by the imperialists, the wind farm has led to a steep increase in the living expenses of the peasants and fisherman of the region and the electricity prices have increased – so much so, that in the past years multiple communes of that region stopped paying for the electricity. Bernardo is also part of this struggle.

To intimidate and silence him an attack on him was supported by the old Mexican state. When for example the armed assailants where caught by the police immediately after the fact, they were released shortly after a small conversation. In the attack our comrade was wounded badly at the back and his head. We condemn the attack on Bernardo for it is an aggression against the broad resistance movement that is directed against all those steps taken in favor of the imperialists and against the interests of those people.