On this weekend, this first Convention will take place in Lima. There the defense of SUTEP will be discussed, since a small group in service of the big bourgeois and landowners try to destroy it, while ignoring the statutes of SUTEP. They betrayed the teachers in the middle of the 2017 strike. 

This group appears as „SUTE Provincial de Barranca“, with several persons seen on this image: Reinaldo Castillo (Patria Roja) on the banner, and Pacheco, Chang Escalante (Movadef), Victoriano Escudero (Movadef) amonst others.

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The path of SUTEP is clear, resuming the process of reconstitution and reorientation on the path of Mariátegui, opposing the path of parliamentary cretinism chosen by the small group which tried to destroy SUTEP.

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