The comrades in Mexico published a Video with impressions of Guelaguetza (from the zapoteco del Istmo, its correct denomination is guendalizaa, which means "fraternity, brotherhood". Its origin dates from the celebration to the goddess Centéotl, goddess of corn, and was carried out since before the Spanish conquest, but also in the interest to unify the original peoples around the corn cycle, which is accompanied by the cycle of The rain.), a big cultural annual event in Oaxaca. The background to these impressions is the insurrection against the comercialization of this event in 2006, which had as a result two Guelaguetza. On one side, the official and government version (commercial and prostitute) which is promoted by the state government in collusion with the various factions of the local bourgeoisie and the financial oligarchy. This could not take place in 2006, where the people boycotted it alltogether.

On the other side there is the magisterial and popular Guelaguetza, which precisely arises in contrast to the government and official, and has been launched since 2006 in the midst of the rebellion that called to overthrow the Tyrant and to build a new government instead, also calling for a form of New Power from the rural communities.

Since 2006 the people celebrate the popular Guelaguetza and this year is the first one, where a Democratic Calendar is developed, which reminds of fallen or missing Comrades or Comrades in Prison.

Watch the Video with impressions on the website of the comrades:

Oaxaca: La Guelaguetza magisterial-popular y la Calenda Democrática