In the Brazilian Amazon isso much forest cleared as never before. Compared to the last two years, the cleared area has quadrupled per month.

In July of this year 2,254 square kilometers were cut down, which corresponds approximately to the area of
the Saarland, as recorded by the Brazilian Space Institute. In the last thirty years 436,600 square kilometers of rain forest were cut down in Brazil, which accounts for approximately 65 percent of the total Amazon rain forest. Most of it in the soy states of Mato Grosso, Para and Rondonia, namely 353,500 square kilometers, in comparison, the FRG has a total area of 357,000 square kilometers. Most of the cleared areas are initially used as pasture for cattle, later for cultivation of soy. Brazil is the largest exporter of beef and soy to meet the degenerate needs of imperialist nations for meat and meat substitutes made of soy. But most of the exported soy is fed to cattle.
Abholzung im Amazonas Satellitendaten
The problem is not just the cute animals, such as birds, chimpanzees, gorillas, etc., to which many petit-bourgeois environmental and animal rights activists are always reducing
it. Although these monkeys may show the beginning of an ego-consciousness, the human himself is the decisive factor. For one thing, the Amazon Rainforest is one of the lungs of the earth, where about 20 percent of the total oxygen are produced and thus annually over 2,000,000,000 tons of CO 2 converted, almost three times the annual CO² emissions of the FRG. In addition, many of the Brazilian tribes depend on the tropical rain forest. It is their habitat in which they live, hunt and operate subsistence agriculture. Shortly after his election as President, Bolsonaro had suspended the special status of tribal areas and placed them under the authority of the Agriculture Authority.

The bourgeois media responded in shock and surprise at the exponentially increasing clearing, as well as the bourgeois politics, which condemns this publicity and the Brazilian government admonishes. But this surprise was not really surprising, as the "desired candidate of the markets", as the German Bank called Bolsonaro, had already campaigned in his election campaign to promote the deforestation of the
rain forest in order to promote the economy. If we consider that monopolies such as VW or Deutsche Bank massively export capital to Brazil and use other ways to make the Brazilian people through the bureaucratic capitalism to the subservient, then it is not surprising that they Bolsonaro supported in the election campaign. Also, it is not surprising that their representatives in the German parliament and the media are suddenly completely surprised and did not see that coming.