With the excuse of a maneuver carried out by the Venezuelan army, Yankee imperialism continues to mobilize against Venezuela.

The so-called Rio Pact (more precisely TIAR, esp .: Tratado Interamericano de Asistencia Recíproca, en .: Inter-American Treaty on Mutual Assistance) was activated. This was announced by the Yankee Foreign Minister last Thursday. This military alliance currently includes 17 states. Under the leadership of the USA Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay are part of the Alliance, which is now being deployed against Venezuela.

The reasoning of Mike Pompeo recalls the fantastic stories about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The tone in the argument is getting sharper. There is talk of the "recent belligerent actions of the Venezuelan army" and "illegal (armed) groups and terrorist organizations". Pompeo claims that "Nicolás Maduro not only poses a threat to the Venezuelan people, but that his actions also threaten the peace and security of Venezuela's neighbors."

The actual occasion is a maneuver by the Venezuelan Army (FANB) in the border region with Colombia, which started early last week. About 150,000 soldiers with helicopters, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft batteries, mobile rocket launchers and special troops should, according to Venezuelan information, demonstrate the FANB's readiness to defend itself. There were also some officers of Russian imperialism, as well as officers from Cuba, which again emphasizes that  the struggle of the imperialists to redistribute the world is carried out.on the backs of the Venezuelan people and the peoples of Latin America.

The reason for the Maduro regime to carry out this demonstration of power are vicious aspirations of the Yankee puppet Juan Guaidó. The latter recently tried to force Venezuela to rejoin the TIAR, justifying an intervention by the TIAR states against Venezuela and the Maduro regime.

Appeasement attempts, for example, on the occasion of the dismissal of John Bolten, the national security adviser to the Yankees, appear flimsy. The danger of war is acute. Direct Yankee aggression is not ruled out even by middle-class German analysts. "The dismissal of Bolton is not that crucial. Should the narrative of an aggressor Maduro prevail, the United States would probably carry out punitive attacks ... "said Detlef Nolte of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP).

Another indication of a possible escalation of the conflict is the fact that the Guaidó front is crumbling at least within Venezuela. Deputies from some (small) parties, who previously had a common cause with the Guaidó opposition, signed an agreement with the Maduro regime in the State Department on Monday this week. This communicated in turn that the party of Maduro, the PSUV, would soon again participate in the parliament. In addition, Guaidó's reputation is dwindling, not least due to the fact that it has recently come to light that he is associated with Alberto Lobo Quintero, aka Brother, and Jairo Duran Contreras, aka Menor. The two were (both were arrested in the meantime) to the leadership of "Los Rastrojos", a paramilitary drug cartel, which is active in the border region between Colombia and Venezuela. This was posted on Twitter last Thursday.

Guaido und Contreras

Guaido and Contreras

Guaido und Quintero

Guaido and Quintero

The threat to the Venezuelan people by Yankee imperialism and its allies (including the FRG, the Guaidó immensely hyped) is therefore quite serious. Its ramblings of freedom, democracy and human rights is pure delusion. His reality can be seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. Wherever the Yankees raise their bloody hands, there is nothing for the peoples but misery, hunger and death. That's why the call is still up to date: Yankee Go Home! Hands off Venezuela!