In a great upsurge of revolutionary violence the masses of Telimbela Parish made the police and imperialists' lackey tremble this week, when with heroic combativeness they rebelled against the exploitation of the natural resources in benefit of foreign interests. Engaging the police, wounding several, they burned one of their armored tanks and destroyed the property of a Chinese Mining Company.


It is only recently that “Yankuang Donghua Construction”, a Chinese mining company, began its mining operation in Telimbela Parish, which is located in one of Ecuador's central provinces, Bolívar. Initially, parliamentary cretins attempted to channel the anger of the masses against the project into a “referendum”, but when that was exposed as an illusory sham, the anger turned into open rebellion.


The 300 policemen send by the old state under the command of the Colonel of the 2nd Sub-zonal Police Force of Bolívar to subdue the struggle in service of the Chinese company surely met a surprise when they were combatively confronted by the masses and their armored police carrier went up in flames after being hit by a Molotov cocktail and burned down. Six policemen were injured, including the commander. Furthermore, at least one truck belonging to “Yankuang Donghua Construction” was also destroyed in the action.