More than 56 million boycott the electoral farce - 30% of voters repudiate false democracy and call for a new way forward

The electoral farce failed and the biggest electoral boycott in Brazil's history appeared. The resounding rejection of the reactionary elections reached, in the second round, approximately 56 million people who did not turn up to the polls or voted blank and void, the equivalent of 30% of those eligible to vote. The first round had already seen a boycott of 40 million. The 2014 electoral boycott reached 38 million people. The first placed party, Bolsonaros PSL, received, in the second round 57 million votes. About two third, almost 90 million people did not secure first place in this second round.

In the state of Minas Gerais, the election for governor was also a resounding failure: the electoral boycott was joined by approximately 6 million people in the first round (null, white and abstentions), equivalent to 42.8%. First-place candidate Romeu Zema accumulated votes of only 26.2% (approximately 4 million) of the total electorate in the first round.

In Rondonia, the one that was first placed for state government in the first round, Expedito Júnior of the PSDB, did not even reach 20.5% of the total electorate able to vote, while the boycott of the electoral farce reached 38%.

In Teresópolis, a city in Rio de Janeiro, there was a supplementary election for mayor. The result was a fiasco: more than 56.6% did not vote or voted null and void. The first place, Vinicius Claussen of the PPS, was left with only 18.6%.

The Brazilian comrades called for boycott and the resounding was astonishing. Just a few spot lights on the boycott actions:

Sabotaged polls in Campinas, SP - Two electronic polls were sabotaged in the early hours of October 7, in Campinas. During the action the cables of the machines were cut and both needed to be replaced. The police were called in the morning and isolated the place, but did not identify possible authors of the action.

Army attacked in Brasnorte, MT - Indians attacked army men with arrows on October 7, in a village located in Brasnorte, 580 kilometers from Cuiabá. They took the electronic ballot boxes to the registered place with 70 voters. The aim of the Indians was to prevent the electronic ballot boxes from entering the site, as part of their rejection of false democracy.

Bombing of the Electoral Forum in São José dos Pinhais, PR - At least four Molotov cocktails were launched against the Electoral Forum of São José dos Pinhais, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, during the early hours of October 4. Security cameras recorded the action and the video circulates on social networks. Inside the Forum were the 689 ballot boxes that would be used during the first round of the electoral farce. Although it was being investigated by the Military Police, Federal Police, state security areas etc., the repression was not able to raise the identification of the perpetrators of the action.

Propaganda against election in small district of Rondônia - In the district of Guaporé, municipality of Chupinguaia, in Rondônia, communist flags were raised and the wall of the municipal school Valter José Zanella was graffitied with the consign Election no! According to the local newspaper Extra de Rondônia, on the eve of the first round of the electoral farce (October 6). The symbol of the hammer and sickle was also drawn on the wall. Pamphlets were tied to a pole and, according to the press cited, its contents called on the people not to vote.

More than ten ballot boxes destroyed in Sorocaba, SP - A group of people broke into the rooms of the Humberto Campos School, in the interior of SP, and destroyed the ballot boxes, on October 28th. The ten polls were rendered unusable.