We publish an unofficial translation of an article by the Brazilian comrades of A Nova Democracia.

On 4 December, during a popular assembly in the José Ricardo rural revolutionary area of Pernambuco, peasants held a commemoration ceremony for comrades Gedeon José Duque and Rafael Gasparini Tedesco, who were murdered by the Rondônia Military Police (PM-RO) and the National Security Force (FNS) in October 2021.

A representative of the League of Poor Peasants of the Northeast (LCP-NE) read out the communication of the LCP National Commission, which reported on the heroic peasant resistance in the camps of Manoel Ribeiro, Dois Amigos, Tiago dos Santos and Ademar Ferreira in the state of Rondônia. The communication highlights the great leadership skills of comrades Gedeon and Rafael in this resistance against police forces and paramilitary gangs of big landowners financed by the government of the ultra-reactionary Jair Bolsonaro and his generals. He denounced that the actions of the PM-RO and the FNS were a cowardly form of revenge for failing to evict hundreds of peasant families from their land, especially in Tiago dos Santos' camp.

The peasants present then reaffirmed their commitment to continue supporting the struggles for agrarian revolution throughout Brazil. They then authorised the sending of a memorial stone in memory of comrades Gedeon and Rafael, and the placing of a banner with their faces on it in the region's primary schools. After the performance, everyone shouted loudly: Comrades Gedeon and Rafael, present in struggle!