Since a few Bremen fascists in each of their weekly demonstrations under the slogan "Kandel is everywhere", in which they use the death of a young girl to incite hatred and fear against migrants and to promote the division of the working class in the FRG, this was also the case on July 7, the planned "climax" of their mobilization.

Saturday started with a counter demonstration with about 1000 participants, including a large part anti-fascists. On the other hand, less than a dozen people gathered at the so-called "women's march" of the fascists. Because of this balance of power, the anti-fascists managed to surround the small group even before the start of their demonstration, resolutely putting the slogan "Don’t Give Fascism an Inch!" into action. The demonstration of the Fascists, who wanted to march as a pure provocation through the left-alternative Steintorviertel, was rained on. Only through the aggressive protection of their vicarious agents - the Bremen police, including their black helmeted special forces - the fascists could even claim their rally start. The anti-fascist demonstrators were shoved, beaten, tried to encircle and threatened in loudspeaker announcements with further "police measures". But they remained firm and so the cops were unable to enforce the fascist march.

However, the cops do not want to let this defeat sit on themselves and have begun to criminalize the entire anti-fascist protest in retrospect. They speak of alleged cases of "breach of the peace, insults and violations of the assembly law" and lie fairy tales of a policeman here, who is allegedly injured despite body armor and helmet by the anti-fascist demonstrators. Bad losers, too. If one looks at the events in the Steintorviertel on 16 December last year, it becomes clear that the Bremen police are happy to use every pretext to terrorize and criminalize the city's anti-fascist movement. Thus, the bourgeois state uses the provocations of the fascists to intensify the repression against the revolutionary and anti-fascist movement. One fact that will not discourage a single consistent anti-fascist, on the contrary, only more cause and necessity for the revolutionaries - however different they may be - is to join together on solid anti-fascist and solidary basis, so that they together the intimidation of the Repressive organs and their fascist helpers.

Shoulder to shoulder against fascism!
The true face of their democracy - mass murderers is what they are!

Antifaschistische Demonstration in Bremen 2
Antifaschistische Demonstration in Bremen 4
Antifaschistische Demonstration in Bremen 1