The struggles of the students at Istanbul's Boğaziçi University against the appointment and measures of the new rector Melih Bulu continue. Repression, arrests of around a hundred students and protesters and general bans on protesting with the pretext of infection protection have increased. Within this, the YDG has developed the work and carried out propaganda actions in different regions of Istanbul. In a statement on this, they write:


"While the trustee-rector appointed at Boğaziçi University revealed the policy of the bourgeois-feudal education system towards universities, the demand of the student youth for an "autonomous-democratic" university came to the fore against this development. At present, in many universities, the right to speech, authority and decision lies between the two lips of the president, who is the headmaster rector of all universities.


Polizei Uni Istanbul Januar 2021





We invited the student youth to participate in the autonomous-democratic university struggle to organise themselves in the ranks of the YDG through posters, stickers, banners and writing activities that we had carried out in different regions of Istanbul. With the verbal support of the public, we again experienced that the Bosphorus resistance generated a hopeful and positive response from the masses."


The published video about the actions can be found here.