Below we document the actions conducted in FRG and Austria of which we were informed about, in support of the Brazilian comrades and the Brazilian people and their struggle against the Olympic massacre. The actions were conducted in the last two weeks, the time period in which the Olympic Games were held in Rio de Janeiro and they are an expression of the spirit of proletarian internationalism to support the struggles of the peoples of the world, especially in the oppressed nations.

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The German Maoists in Berlin made several Graffiti against the Olympic massacre in Brazil.

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In Bremen a Graffiti was painted at a professional school, it got a lot of attention in next day because of a big school festivity. The festivity was held because the school was chosen as a “school without racism” (an award given away by institutions of the bourgeois state). The Graffiti was also discussed in several classes of the school by the trainees and even several teachers spoke about the Graffiti. The debate among the students centered on the Olympic Games and the issue why it is an massacre. The response to the action was positive in general. The following week some cops came to the school and started to interrogate the students and asked questions about politically active students.

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In Göttingen the German translation of the leaflet of the “Revolutionary Front in Defense of the Rights of the People – Brazil” (FRDDP) was put up at several places at the university, e.g. on bulletin boards.

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In Hamburg a rally was held in front of the Brazilian honorary consulate on the day of the opening of the Olympic Games. In the following two weeks a great amount of the leaflets of the FRDDP was distributed in the proletarian areas of the city and several Graffiti have been done there.

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In Cologne a great amount of Graffiti were made in the area of the city, which spoke against the Olympic spectacle and its massacre and denounced it as such.

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In Austria various actions were conducted in several cities as well. So in Vienna and Linz activists met to discuss the situation in Brazil and the leaflet of the FRDDP. In Innsbruck there were  put up some banners and Graffiti were made in the proletarian areas of the city. In Vienna on the last weekend of the of the Olympic Games solidarity actions were conducted as well. There surely will follow more information on actions in Austria.


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