We publish a translation of a message of a classist teacher from Peru:

As the I. macro regional Convention of the Centre was successful, a resounding success, because the class positions were imposed and unmasked and crushed black positions of the new revisionism, the LOD (Movadef) and the LOL (left liquidationism) infiltrated in the teaching post, the glorious name of the SUTEP and the Indefinite National Strike of 2017 were defended, all its achievement and progress and a brief balance was done, the FENATEP of CASTILLO Terrones was denounced; which only traffics, is promoted and takes pictures greeting as a candidate for the upcoming elections of the old rotten and genocidal system.

Since the massacre of Pau D’Arco in June 2017, the peasants in Jane Júlia settlement – in part of the Santa Lúcia farm, where the massacre took place – continue to resist bravely, despite the terror made by the landlords (threats, attacks, murders and provocations), overcoming debilities and advancing in the production and organization of the area.

After 7 months making empty promises to the peasant families, in December 21 the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra) was forced to accept buying the lands of the farm – retaken by the peasants in June 13 with the support of the Poor Peasants League of the South of Pará and Tocantins – to regularize the ownership for the families during a meeting of the Incra Regional Decision Committee, this was a result of the vigorous mobilizations of the peasants made during all this time.

The meeting took place in the same place of the historical Peasant Meeting of the South of Pará in October 28 and 29 2017, where peasants from the region, indigenous and quilombola representatives, Brazilian Association of People’s Lawyers (Abrapo) Brazilian Center of Solidarity to the Peoples (Cebraspo) representatives and other regional and national movements to reaffirm in the path of struggle for the land in the region. The Poor Peasants League and the New Victory Association of Jane Júlia Settlement were there to denounce that the old State was not giving anything, that this decision was a result of the struggle and demanded justice against the release of 15 police officers charged of participating in the massacre. Many banners and flags of the League were filling the meeting place, as well as the image of the 11 murdered peasants.

Peasant Meeting in Pau D’Arco, October 28 2017 

The Massacre of Pau D’Arco generated a contradiction among the members of the judiciary and the Public Ministry, due to the negative repercussion after the release of the preventive arrest of the 15 police officers the president of the Superior Justice Court (STJ) decided for the return of 8 police officers to preventive arrest, alleging their release threatened the public order and the judicial process of the massacre at the same time the Regional Justice Court of Para had conceded freedom alleging the inquiry was already done. In July the judge of Redenção court decreed the preventive arrest of 13 police officers involved in the massacre and less than a month after the substitute judge of the same court suspended the preventive arrest, releasing them. In September 26, 15 police officers were preventive arrested because of the involvement in the massacre and denounced with homicide, homicide attempt, torture, crime association and fraud. 17 police officers out of the 29 who participated in Pau D’Arco massacre were denounced by the Public Ministry, even though the release of the officers ignores intentionally the large quantity of evidences and testimonies, the investigations do not try to find the ones who sent them. The judiciary and its members are fundamental to consolidate and maintain the latifundium class interests and the people should never nourish illusions about them.

The peasants will keep struggling against the wave of ownership repossessions through the country, advancing in the production and organization relying on their own forces. This is the path of struggle the peasants are taking in Brazil, “conquer the land! destroy latifundium!”, and each time more peasants are being incorporated in quantity and quality for the Agrarian Revolution.  

We publish this english translation of the declaration of the Current of the People Red Sun Oaxaca:

On January 31, within the framework of the National Strike called by the National Coordinator of Education Workers (Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación – CNTE), the independent trade unions and various popular organizations of Oaxaca took to the streets together to express our rejection of anti-popular policies of the regime and its counter-reforms.

The contingent has been headed by the unions affiliated to the Unifying Front of Oaxaca and National Independent Trade Unions (Frente Unificador de Sindicatos Independientes Oaxaqueños y Nacionales – FUSION), from where the defence of the Collective Labour Contract of the STEUABJO comrades and the defence of the source of work of the workers has been supported by the different unions of the Health Sector.

We publish this english translation of the article of Análysis y Opinión:

bolivia sedition
The protests have not stopped and continue to grow in sectors throughout the country.

What is behind the protests in Bolivia? This is the title of the journalistic article published on January 10 in Telesur, referring to the conflicts that the Bolivian government maintained with doctors and that began to involve other sectors of the popular movement. The focus of the article was to discover what were the interests of those mobilized against the government since Evo Morales had satisfied their demands with the agreements signed.

Telesur takes a journalist supporter of the regime as a source, it could not be something different, because it is a media linked to revisionism and international opportunism and supporter of the so-called "progressive governments" that are in open political crisis.

We publish this english translation of the article "‘Teoria das forças produtivas’ é a base do revisionismo do pecedobê" of the issue 201 of A Nova Democracia:

‘Theory of the productive forces’ is the basis of pecedobê revisionism

The revisionist fraction [of the Single Party] pecedobê [refering to the "Partido Comunista do Brasil - PCdoB], held its 14th Congress during November 17 to 19. the falsification parade and traffic with the Brazilian and other peoples' proletarian and popular struggle was based on the worn out and mossy "theory of the productive forces", so many times crushed by the most consequent revolutionaries inside the International Communist Movement.

We publish this english translation of the article "A Nova Política Econômica mostra o caminho para o socialismo" of the issue 201 of A Nova Democracia:

The New Economic Policy shows the path to socialism

After the soviet victory over the interventionists, the construction of the national economy – which was destroyed after four years of imperialist war and three years of foreign invasion – was necessary.

In the night of January 18 the people of the East Zone of Sao Paulo protested and blocked the street with burning barricade, because they were denied the vaccine against yellow fever, which is in danger of epidemics in Brazil and Sao Paulo is one of the main hazard areas.

We share this video of the Current Red Sun - Oaxaca:

With this video, we start our campaign Do not vote, organise and fight! agreed in our last State Assembly of January 14, against the electoral farce 2018 that aims to fill the eyes of the working people with dirt. We are on the road to our National Conference!

We choose to fight!
Do not vote, organise and fight!
Down with the bourgeois electoral farce!

With the Red Sun, the people will win!
May the workers govern the country!