A member of the armed forces of the old peruvian state at the shining trenches of combat in El Frontón recently gave an interview to a peruvian newspaper. In it, he tells – opposing the claims of the old peruvian state, which maintain only 133 of the prisoners of war and political prisoners of the Communist Party of Peru were murdered in the struggles on the 19th of June 1986 in El Frontón – at least 300 were massacred. He also claims that the so called “Blue Ward” that was occupied by the heroic combatants of the CPP was completely blown up by grenades. When some of the combatants left the remains and allegedly surrendered, they were shot, one even chased towards the beach and killed when he reached the water.

"The UPEA demands the resignation of Evo"

image of Salgueiro complex

Only in November this year, at least 17 people were murdered during joint operation of the state repression apparatus – the police, the military police and the army – only on the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

At least three big massacres took place this month in the city, one of them – which had more impact – was in Salgueiro Complex, in November 11, during a “Funk baile1 17 mariners and 15 military police special forces (BOPE) opened fire at random, provoking terror and killing 7 people.

We publish this english translation of the article "Hienas de toga, gorilas de pijama e lobos em pele de cordeiro..." from issue 199 of A Nova Democracia:

The different fractions of the false “left” does not know limits of its audacity. For these people, the dictate “the ends justifies the means”, which expresses very well its physiologism, worth more than any banner. Senator Randolfe Rodrigues and deputy Alessandro Molon, both from Rede are examples!1 Their faces don’t blush when they pose as “social rights” defenders and against of “rights removal”, as they present themselves at the parliamentary pigsty as the most enthusiasts of the hypocrite moralizing anti-corruption crusade embarked by the Public Prossecutor’s Office and judiciary. And what to say about the illustrious deserter Aldo Rebelo (ex-leader of the revisionist Pecedobe), Defence Minister of the last mandate of Dilma Rousseff; who, watching the boat sinking, like a rat, movedlock, stock and barrel to Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB), the party that during many years composed the opportunist and electioneering front headed by the Workers Party (PT), but which voted in block for the impeachment of the ex-manager Dilma Rousseff?2 All the “politic class”, the old declared right and the false “left” (which means, new right), even bogged down to the neck in the mud, pursuits one single and common goal. First, to present themselves as the true “ethic” paladins seeking to get rid of the swords over their heads, in order to, try to clout electorally, pointing out the corruption of the others.

In 28 and 29 of October, this year, in the south region of Para, North of Brazil, an historical peasant meeting was held in the seized area of Santa Lucia farm – the place which was stage of a massacre this year, where 11 peasants were brutally murdered. Participated in the meeting several organizations and they affirmed the path of struggle for land and to end latifundium. This meeting was very important for the peasant movement, for its organization and mobilization.

Denouncing the miserable working conditions and the refusal of taking part in any negotiations, the construction workers of a new airfield to be build in the area of Peldehue laid down their work last month and occupied the construction site. Since then, their struggle continues. Although formally contracted by a private firm, they are in fact working on a state owned project, the construction of a new airstrip to be used by the military.

In the night between the 20th to the 21st of November reactionary forces were drawn together around the houses, farms and fields of the peasants of Nova Cachoeirinha in Minar Gerais. Since yesterday, the people living and working there are under attack by the police, arbitrarily and indiscriminately firing gas grenades at the village and intimidating its inhabitants with over 100 policemen.

The militant mobilization and actions against the elections by the Chilean people culminated on past Sunday, on election day, in a number of activities. In various parts of Chile direct acts of sabotage were carried out against the smooth running of the electoral circus. In Santiago, a demonstration was held in favor of boycotting the elections.