The Victorious UERJ Occupation

The Victorious UERJ Occupation

In the midst of many strikes and mobilizations, the University of th State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) passes trhough a deep crisis: lack of financial fundings and the policy of scrapping and failing – which became acute after the Fifa Cup feast in 2015 and the Olympic massacre afterwards – with many episodes of delay in payments to the administrative workers, outsourced and professors and also delays on the scientific initiation and assistance scholarships.

Under the guise of preparing for floods, draughts and natural disasters a joint military exercise with about 2.000 military personnel from different countries was launched on Brazilians western border two days ago. In order to “improve logistics” and to “establish standards” Brazilian, Peruvian and Columbian forces, amongst others, are trained to operate under the command of US-Southcom and other imperialist countries’ general staffs.

We publish this english translation of the article "Triunfa a Revolução Socialista" from A Nova Democracia issue 198:

One hundred years of the Great October Socialist Revolution

We publish this english translation of the article "A pequena burguesia na revolução democrática" from A Nova Democracia issue 197:

The incredible failure of PT/Pecedobê management after 14 years leading the old Brazilian State has been a demonstration of the collapse of the reformist and opportunist petty-bourgeoisie in transforming the society through the bourgeois State.

Strike of the teachers of Peru gave an example of combativeness of the proletarianised sectors

This way they have rendered concrete their alliance with landownership and the big-bourgeoisie and as a result were submitted to imperialism through the national domination, confirming the opportunist nature of their ideology.

On occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution a group of student activists took the walls of Columbia’s oldest state-run University and sprayed several slogans. In their paintings they hold high the leaders, achievements and lessons to be drawn from the events in October 1917 and further celebrate the 1st country to become socialist.

In the morning of May 24, The Genocidal Brazilian State – through its repression apparatus DECA (Agrarian Conflict Police Station) in an operation with 30 civil and military police officers – murdered 10 peasants and injured other 14. The police alleged there was a shooting, but most of the shots were made on the nape and back of the peasants – evidences of execution.

We document pictures of an action in Hamburg in honor of the recently deceased Comrade Ludmila from Brasil which were sent to us.

We document an unofficial translation of a statement of the League of the Poor Peasants (LCP) in which they announce the death of Comrade Ludmila who died due to her illness because of missing health treatment. She was the widow of Comrade Renato who was already murdered in 2012 by the mercenaries of the great landowners and the old Brazilian state. The daughter of both is now an orphan by the guilt of the old Brazilian state.