We publish this pending translation of the declaration of the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)


Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Long live the 25th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo's speech!
Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought!

Yesterday, comrades from Mexico published a short statement, alongside a video and a poster, in solidarity with all those who fought against imperialism during the G20 in July in Hamburg. In the following we document the translated statement send to us as well as the video and the poster.

Over the past weeks Chilean police and government were forced to acknowledge a new upsurge of militant demonstrations, actions of agitation and propaganda and acts of sabotage in support of the struggle of the Mapuche people. So much so that, despite a massive police operation code-named “Hurricane”, the government was once again forced to acknowledge some of the demands raised.

We publish an english translation of a declaration of the Unidade Vermelha – Liga da Juventude Revolucionária of Brasil:

xlutar nao e crime

The Red Unit – Revolutionary Youth League (Unidade Vermelha – Liga da Juventude Revolucionária - UV–LJR) is publicly reporting the persecutions suffered by comrades, by elements commanded by the shift leader of the state of São Paulo (Alckmin / PSDB), through its corrupt and violent Military police.

After heavy budget cuts forced the State University of Rio de Janeiro to stop the operation of its canteen, the withdrawal of scholarships and to outsource its staff, students and teachers alike are in uproar against the worsening of their working and studying conditions. In an act to better organise the protest and to collectively establish the provision of affordable meals to attendees and employees of the university, the universities canteen is now under student occupation since Tuesday last week.

Today is the 19th of June, the 31st anniversary of the Day of Heroism. On the 18th of June 1986 the prisoners of the Communist Party of Peru in the three prisons Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao rebelled against the genocide of the Peruvian reaction, which it attempted in order to crush the People's War. On the 19th of June 250 prisoners were murdered by the Peruvian reaction, for which they used a destroyer against the comrades of El Frontón.
These Prisoners of War formed the monumental trilogy of the Shining Tranches of Combat of Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao, a historic milestone, the Day of Heroism.

Today we publish a video released in April 1994 by the „International Emergency Committee to Defend the Life of Dr Abimael Guzman“, what was the broad democratic campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, advanced primarily by the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.
This International Emergency Committee got liquidated through sabotage by the Committee of the RIM and primarily by the RCP of the United States. Respectively the Tape is from 1994. We publish the video to intensify the international campaign to defend the life and health of Chairmen Gonzalo.

On the 22nd of March at 4 pm around 20 comrades gathered in front of the embassy of the old peruvian state on occasion of the acute threat to Chairman Gonzalo and the answer, the call to a day of action of the Communist Party of Brasil (Red Faction) under the slogan "Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo! Long live the People's War in Peru!". We document two speeches at this point, a speech of Revolutionary Contruction Waterkant/Bremen will follow.